Growth Planning

Expansion through franchising

McDonalds and Dyno-Rod are two brands that have successfully used franchising as a means of business expansion. Here are the pros and cons

Growth Planning

How a franchise works – pros and cons, costs and how to set one up for your business

Find out how a franchise works and all of the important points you need to know before setting one up for your own business.

PR and Marketing Strategy

The importance of design and branding in franchising

In this piece, Joel Bissitt of Franchise UK looks at the importance of franchisors thinking carefully about their design and branding.

Growth Planning

Fish and chip restaurant plans UK franchise expansion

90 year-old brand is targeting seaside and town and city locations across the UK.


Top ten things you should know about the franchise agreement

Franchising your business out can open up new opportunities for you to bring in greater revenue. Here is everything you need to know about a franchise agreement.


High-investment franchises: The pros and cons of becoming a franchisee

For those of you who are considering turning your business into a franchise, we take a look at the pros and cons of high investment franchises.


UK slow to embrace franchise model, says Anytime Fitness MD

British franchise market 'under-invested' compared to other economies, says Anytime Fitness MD Andy Thompson.


Mamas & Papas in Asian expansion

Yorkshire family-owned business Mamas & Papas is to build its brand in Asia after signing a franchise deal with a Singapore-based distributor.

Growth Planning

First principles of franchising

Derek Lowe, chief executive officer of Storm Communications, reviews How to Turn Your Business into the Next Global Brand: Creating and Managing a Franchised Network, by Brian Duckett and Paul Monaghan.


Drive personnified: Toni Mascolo

Passion matters. It is why entrepreneurs start businesses. It is what persuades others to get involved, as employees, customers or suppliers. It is a sustaining force during bad times. But it is not necessarily inexhaustible. Successful growth creates plenty of ways that can diminish its force.

Growth Planning

A successful franchising idea is one that can be delivered as a cookie cutter model

Looking for high growth within your domestic market? Franchising provides a low-investment way ahead, says Ernst &Young's Dan Murphy. But remember, a successful franchising idea is one that can be delivered as a cookie cutter model - one that is easily packaged and replicated. Potential franchisees need to know what they are buying and quickly learn how to make it work.


Tony Rafferty: Guerrilla of printing

It’s no mean feat transforming a business dabbling in music flyers into a £20 million print franchise. GrowthBusiness gets to grips with the brains behind the Printing.com empire.