Are employee work methods changing with technology?

Modern technology in the workplace is revolutionising how productivity is impacting on businesses. We take a look at how technology is changing the workplace.

Human Resources

The 5 biggest questions employees dread to ask

From pay rises to promotions, here are the top questions your employees are too afraid to ask.

Human Resources

Why cash is no longer key to retaining employees

Cash may no longer be king when it comes to recruiting and retaining your key employees says Genevieve Moore, a tax partner at Blick Rothenberg. 

Human Resources

Deconstructing workplace happiness: foundations for sustained employee satisfaction

There may not be a one-size-fits-all solution for workplace happiness, but there are a few ways to make sure your team is motivated. Robert Half's Phil Sheridan writes.

Human Resources

Redeploying employees: the best people may already work for you

You may have the right people for those hard-to-recruit-for roles already working in your business. Here's how redeploying employees can give you a competitive advantage.

Legislation and Regulation

Minimum wage increases: What employers need to know

With the National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage rates set to rise in April, Raphael Prais, employment lawyer at LHS Solicitors, outlines the increases employers need to be aware of, and the potential consequences should they fail to adhere to the new legislation.

Human Resources

The Modern Slavery Act: what is required of employers?

The Modern Slavery Act is a piece of legislation that has wider implications for employers than most realise: here is everything you need to know.


Employees regularly question colleagues’ credentials

Turns out your colleagues might just think you’re terrible at your job.


One in five women ‘hide family plans from employer’

More than half also plan to alter their career paths to accommodate children, according to YouGov survey.


Is it fair to use zero-hours workers when expanding your business?

New report suggests 1.8 million firms used them last summer: but are controversial zero-hours contracts fair for the workers employed on them?


Employers set to be caught out by shared parental leave

Legislation coming into force in December regarding maternity leave is expected to catch businesses short, new research finds.


Building on a year of ten times growth

As companies take on an ever more global approach, and encounter new obstacles, MOVE Guides is building out a proposition to take advantage of this and secure its own success.