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“TripAdvisor for the workplace”: How InHerSight addresses sexual harassment

In his new book on innovations, James Bidwell covers talks about InHerSight, a website that lets employees anonymously review any companies’ treatment of women at work.


Diversity and inclusivity: The entrepreneur’s challenge

Diversity and inclusion can be addressed in businesses of any size. It's the entrepreneur's responsibility to make sure company culture is diverse and inclusive from the get-go. The Scale Factory's Jon Topper writes.

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Does cultural heritage affect CEO performance?

CEOs’ cultural heritage could affect corporate performance, according to new research, which sheds light on Brexit issues and the need for diversity in leadership.

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LGBT inclusion post-Brexit: Why diversity is crucial now more than ever before

In the current divisive climate, how can financial services organisations make sure they are investing in the success of LGBT employees across the board?

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Breaking through the ‘grey’ ceiling

By 2026, there will be nearly 20 per cent more people over the age of 65 in the UK. How can businesses support older employees, and how can people over 65 break the grey ceiling? Experis UKI MD, Geoff Smith writes.

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Can equal pay reporting spark legal claims?

Kirwans legal expert Lindsey Knowles warns employers to prepare to report on gender pay now or it could leave them wide open to legal claims.

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2018 gender pay gap reporting countdown: are you prepared?

As of April 2018, all large employers will be required to report on their gender pay gaps. But are these 8,000 businesses ready? Instant Offices delves into what the legal implications and desired outcomes of addressing the gender pay gap are.

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Where are all the women in engineering? UK lags behind

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Why energy supplier SSE measures ‘return on inclusion’

Is measuring 'return on inclusion' the best way to value difference and diversity? SSE reassess its approach for the next three years.

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The Apprentice: Why Karren Brady shutting down casual sexism matters

Last night on The Apprentice, Karren Brady took a no-nonsense response to casual sexism.

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Work With Me campaign challenges hiring bias against disabled people

New research suggests that disabled people who are unemployed and looking for work have lost faith with the recruitment process. The Work With Me campaign seeks to change that.

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Are you paid less than your peers? An employee’s guide to bridging the gender pay gap

Peninsula's Kate Palmer explains what employees can do if they suspect they are being paid less than someone doing an equivalent job and how employers can protect themselves against legal action.