3 ways to get over yourself to get ahead

Aurecon’s Giam Swiegers argues that if you want to be successful, you have to get over yourself and learn the power of ‘us.’


Women in space: Is this the final frontier for gender parity?

Today, despite making up almost 50 per cent of the world’s population, women make up less than 11 per cent of history’s space explorers.

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Vitesse Media Diversity Series: Male allies and gender parity dissected

From encouraging relatable role models to sparking an 'a-ha' moment in men, we speak to eight gender parity advocates on how to develop strong male allies.

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Why 8 in 10 hiring managers are putting diversity first

New data from LinkedIn reveals that 82 per cent of hiring managers are putting diversity first in 2018. Here's why.

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From Carrie Gracie to the Golden Globes: Why the gender pay gap should be top-of-mind

When BBC China editor, Carrie Gracie famously resigned, news rippled through the corporate world that the gender pay gap is all too real, even in 2018. Here's what employers can do to improve gender equality in the workplace.

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4 simple ways to avoid social discrimination in your business

Here's how employers can ensure their hiring and interview processes are entirely free from social discrimination.

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Mind the mentoring gap: Why men are more likely to seek out career mentors

An emerging mentoring gap: new research suggests that women are less likely to find career mentors. Here's why.

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What can big learn from small when it comes to tackling the gender pay gap?

Never before have small business sectors outpaced large companies in the bid to bridge the gender pay gap. Here's what big learn from small in tackling the wage gap.

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5 steps to a more equal workplace: Changing the ratio together

Avocet's Anna Leigh Kennedy outlines 5 ways ad tech companies can close the gender gap in the C-suite.

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4 ways to avoid workplace discrimination

Workplace discrimination can harm employees in any organisation, regardless of its size. Here are four ways to avoid potentially discriminatory behaviours.

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Unconscious bias: A third of UK’s hiring managers lack training

Unconscious biases are one of the biggest diversity barriers in the corporate world, yet new research reveals that 39 per cent of UK hiring managers have not received training in unconscious bias best-practice as part of the recruitment process in their current company.


Why networking is this Silicon Valley exec’s secret weapon

From tackling toxic culture against women to making and taking opportunities, ForeScout Technologies CTO Julie Cullivan outlines what success in Silicon Valley looks like.