Concentric launches Europe’s first bitcoin focused fund

The £18m pre-seed and seed fund is the first dedicated bitcoin venture fund outside the US


Deals of the Week 16 May to 20 May – a Growth Business round-up

Deals this week include a platform for booking creatives, a biotech spinout and a wearable that warns of hazards in the workplace


Deals of the Week March 22 to March 26 – Growth Business roundup

Growth Business roundup of Deals of the Week, March 24 to March 26, listing seed funding, venture capital and crowdfunding deals of note


Japanese fintech investor puts £2m into mobile currency trading app

Pipster says that Japanese investment shows confidence in Britain post-Brexit

Mergers & Acquisitions

If Facebook bought Coinbase would it work?

The social media giant has had its own blockchain team for months.


Bitcoin boom: British businesses spreading cryptocurrency risk

More than half of companies with a ready stock of Bitcoin have sold off some of their supply to profit from soaring valuations in the cryptocurrency market.


Can blockchain repair capitalism?

The revolution will be digitised, says Chainium’s Sascha Ragtschaa. Here’s why he believes blockchain can repair capitalism.

Alternative Finance for Business

The advantages of creating a cryptocurrency company

A cryptocurrency company comes with varied benefits like a solid protection and low fees.

Alternative Finance for Business

Is your business looking to cash in on the Bitcoin boom?

If you too are thinking about using Bitcoin as a method of making and receiving payments there are certainly several reasons to recommend it.


How banks are going to be using blockchain in 2018

Banks have taken a notable interest in using blockchain technology because it makes it difficult for fraudulent transactions to take place. Here's how banks can leverage blockchain in 2018.

Alternative Finance for Business

3 of the world’s biggest asset bubbles – will Bitcoin be next?

James Trescothick of easyMarkets explores three of the biggest asset bubbles in history and considers how they compare to Bitcoin.

Alternative Finance for Business

Canya – Taking crypto mainstream

What are the most significant obstacles preventing crypto going mainstream?