Corporate venture capital

Articles and analysis exploring corporate venture capital in the UK, a strategic form of investment allowing corporations to gain access to innovative technologies, products, or markets, while also providing startups with funding, mentorship, and potential partnerships.

Venture Capital Funding

Watch: InMotion Ventures interview

Jaguar Land Rover’s venture capital arm tells Growth Business what its investment strategy is and the start-ups it's most excited about

Venture Capital Funding

UK corporate venture capital firms by sector

The UK is host to corporate venture capital firms across sectors such as clean tech, fintech and deep tech, contributing to a fifth of all VC deals

Venture Capital Funding

Corporate venture capital – a Growth Business guide

One in five VC deals in Europe last year were corporate venture capital deals, but what is it and how can you get it?

Venture Capital Funding

Active UK corporate venture capital firms

Google, BP and Unilever all have their own CVC divisions backing UK-based companies. Here are those active in the UK and what they look for

Venture Capital Funding

Founders talk about their experience with corporate venture capital

Three founders who have taken on corporate venture capital explain what made them partner with an enterprise business as opposed to going down the conventional VC route

Venture Capital Funding

BP Ventures to invest $200m in dozen green energy startups

Corporate venture capital arm of energy giant BP to plough 90% of its investment capacity into disruptive green energy technology

Venture Capital Funding

Who are the 5 most powerful venture capital funds in Britain?

Britain is home to the highest number of growth business investors in Europe, but Germany, Switzerland and Austria are snapping at its heels


Rainmaking Venture Studio raising £65m for corporate start-ups

UK fundraise is part of bigger plan to raise £150m for corporate venturing worldwide


FoundersLane to create €1bn worth of start-ups by end-2022

Corporate venture builder creates health and climate start-ups for billion-euro corporates, with three launched so far

Venture Capital Funding

Silicon Foundry: A catalyst for corporate venture

Silicon Foundry is the new, more globally-focused version of Sherpa Foundry, thanks to strategic investment from SVB Financial. The platform will connect global corporations to start-ups and emerging technologies to catalyse collaboration and innovation.


B2M Solutions picks corporate venture route to fuel future growth

Mobile device analytics business B2M Solutions has closed a funding round involving entrepreneur and investor Kevin Lomax as well as Motorola Solutions Venture Capital.


BVCA calls on government to incentivise corporate venturing through tax and loss relief

Despite acknowledging that the government has done much to stimulate the success of SMEs in the UK, the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association has set out a number of new recommendations.