Business strategy

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” — Sir Winston Churchill


The business masters – A London Business School MBA graduate’s view

An MBA certainly isn't a golden ticket to success. Maybe it's more of a golden crowbar, says Mark Chadwick, co-founder of carbon offsetting company Carbon Clear and London Business School MBA graduate.


Building a business on the cheap

It may seem out of character for a venture capitalist to say this, but you don't need investment to create a great business.

Growth Planning

Why a global presence is vital

Simon Cook, the CEO of venture capital firm DFJ Esprit, looks at why you should maintain an overseas presence.

Growth Planning

Does location matter in business?

We’ve all heard the old estate agent saying, ‘location, location, location’. But does the same principle apply to business?

Financial Management

Constructive cost-cutting

Steve Barnes, CEO of online marketing company Infoserve, doesn’t much like the term cost-cutting.


The value of failure in business

Although attitudes are changing in this country, there is still a marked fear of failure. When people make mistakes, they don't own up to them, and even worse, many won't risk failing in the first place, writes Chris Ingram.

Financial Management

Q&A: How to avoid future recessions

What steps can I take to avoid getting caught up in future recessions?

Growth Planning

Overcoming seasonality

Most businesses are affected by fluctuations in trade at different times of the year, so is it better to fight that tide or go with the flow? GrowthBusiness investigates the age-old problem of seasonality.


Be strategic, be opportunistic

Janus, the Roman god of doorways and bridges, faces two ways. That's just the dilemma faced by many an entrepreneur. A great opportunity drops in your lap – but will it drive you off the strategy your business has set? Michael Jackson asks how this dilemma is resolved?


Wiping out the competition

Taking on your competitors and winning needs more than just energy and commitment. Clever thinking, creative ideas and the time to think strategies through with clarity are all on the menu too.

Growth Planning

Mind mapping your future

John Cross, director of Cross Facilities Management, was initially sceptical when introduced to the concept of mind mapping, which aims to improve thought and organisation.

Growth Planning

Find a niche…and fill it

Businesses don’t have to be based on global blockbusters. You can still make lots of money by in-filling and selling to companies too big to spot the gap.