PR and Marketing Strategy

Why bad reviews aren’t bad for brands

Francisco Ascensão explains the importance of negative reviews for brands.

PR and Marketing Strategy

How tech brands from unknown sectors can market to potential consumers

People tend to fear what they don’t understand - this is particularly true when it comes to new tech. easyCar Club's Morgan Young explains how tech companies can use that to their advantage when communicating with customers.


Shopological’s founder on growing a digital fashion and beauty brand

There's choice and there's overkill. Shopological's founder, Elizabetta Camilleri, talks to GrowthBusiness on how brands can reach consumers in an increasingly saturated market. This is her start-up journey.

PR and Marketing Strategy

3 strikes for digital brands and they’re out

A new study reveals that the UK is becoming a nation of digitally discerning consumers willing to click-off and check-out, if their high expectations of the digital services and applications they use are not met.  


Brands are not what marketers say they are anymore

American start-up Olapic was founded on the premise that stock images and elaborate shoots just don't have a place in modern marketing. Co-founder and head of EMEA, Jose de Cabo speaks to GrowthBusiness on the power of user-generated content, and the company's growth story.


Why the world’s biggest halal baby food brand is British: for aisha

Baby food brand for aisha broke into the market just a year ago. for aisha is now available in over 2000 multiple retail stores in the UK, including Tesco, ASDA, Morrisons and Boots. Here's how founder Mark Salter grew his halal baby food business into a global phenomenon


Three brand lessons from Donald Trump

Know your brand, know your audience and work your magic on social media the Trump way


Brands of Tomorrow 2016 unveiled

Renowned monitors of taste Walpole reveal the brands they think will be making waves in the next 12 months

Growth Planning

Together we brand: how to foster success through strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships can be a dream come true for both parties if done well: so how do you ensure you have a deal that works well for everyone?

PR and Marketing Strategy

What’s in a name? The changing language of brands

Is it still possible to pick a truly inspiring name or are all the best ones now taken? Here are some tips on picking a brand name that can make you stand out.


The ten most valuable brands with British origin

With news that the top 50 brands in Britain grew by £37.3 billion since last year, GrowthBusiness looks at which ones are leading the way.


More funds for Zoopla

Consumer property website Zoopla plans a marketing push to increase awareness of its brand following a £3.25 million fundraising led by venture capital firms Atlas Venture and Octopus.