Brand strategy

PR and Marketing Strategy

The appliance of brand alliance

Aligning your growing company with a larger, well-known operation can reap rewards beyond your wildest dreams. Just make sure you read the small print and remember the ups and downs of getting a helping hand from a big brand.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Brand Affinity Marketing – What is the secret to effective brand partnerships?

Whether it's having things in common or opposites attracting, brand affinity marketing, sometime called 'brand dating', is becoming more and more popular between businesses of all shapes and sizes, with mutually beneficial results.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Brand power

Building a brand costs money. But done well, the brand will prove a good investment. Raising your profile, generating customer loyalty and increasing sales are just some of the benefits.

PR and Marketing Strategy

The power of brands

No matter what you're trying to sell - be it clothes, cars or condiments - there is little doubt that it pays to be cool.