Brand strategy

PR and Marketing Strategy

Innovative ways to brand your business

Branding is an ongoing concern for businesses and doing it well takes more thought than many appreciate: so how can you ensure your branding is working for you?

PR and Marketing Strategy

How to boost brand engagement with experiential marketing

Experiential marketing is really taking off, with some of the world's leading brands including Premier League football clubs getting onboard: so how can you use it to give your business the edge?

PR and Marketing Strategy

Branding your carrier bags to expand your business

Can branded bags be the surprise key to business growth in retail?


Choosing a company name while avoiding the blame

Picking a company name can be an exciting time but also one fraught with danger: so read on to ensure you avoid the legal pitfalls.


The viral video magician helping brands connect with consumers

Unruly co-founder and COO Sarah Wood tells GrowthBusiness how she and her team are fusing marketing, advertising and technology to create a leading global 'madtech' company.

PR and Marketing Strategy

The name game: Stories behind the naming of some of the most prominent growing UK companies

Ever wondered what the story was behind the names of some of the businesses you use or admire? GrowthBusiness meets five to go back to be beginning and find out the inspiration.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Promoting the brand directly to the consumer

To allow his brand to stand out in a crowded market, John Bramm decided that shaking up the marketing strategy was the best way to make it stand out.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Brand Alignment Success

Andrew Stothert, CEO of brand alignment company Brand Vista, looks at how branding exercises should include everyone involved with a company and requires focused leadership.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Attracting attention without Facebook

With Facebook ad prices soaring, growing businesses may start being priced out of the social media market. Lucy George, director of Wordville, writes that traditional brand awareness strategies remain effective.

PR and Marketing Strategy

Online Presence – How websites should reflect your brand

Four entrepreneurs discuss how their website reflects their brand.

PR and Marketing Strategy

How to get your product on the supermarket shelf

Getting your product on the supermarket shelf can turbo-charge your sales. Marc Barber finds out how it is done.


Small businesses fail to see brand value

Over a third of small businesses in the UK admit to having no brand values, according to a survey by Microsoft UK.