Second exit of 2014 for ISIS Equity Partners as it ends interest in ITG

ISIS Equity Partners has exited a stake of Inspired Thinking Group, which it has held since June 2010.

A return on investment of 3.4x has been made by ISIS Equity Partner by way of the sale of Inspired Thinking Group (ITG) for £28 million.

Marketing services business ITG was the subject of an ISIS-fronted deal in 2010 when £3.2 million was injected into the business. The capital was secured so that ITG could acquire Total Marketing Service and secure a workflow software product allowing users to manage marketing operations in real-time.

Since the backing from ISIS, ITG has grown sales form £14 million to £43 million and established a growing list of clients.

Details of the deal show that the exit has delivered a 3.4x return for the ISIS Baronsmead VCTs at an IRR ‘in excess’ of 40 per cent. The transaction has been led by ITG chief executive Simon Ward and Bridgepoint Development Capital.

ISIS exits during 2013:

Ward comments, ‘ITG is a dynamic, ambitious business that is pushing back the boundaries of traditional marketing.

>’To do this we need an agile business culture and ISIS have support this culture superbly over the last three years.’

Birmingham-based ITG was initially established Ward in 2009, a former executive at listed St Ives, following his acquisition of three local marketing businesses.

Pete Clarke, partner at ISIS Equity Partners and lead on the deal, adds, ‘ITG has changed the face of traditional marketing for retailers and brand owners delivering control, lower cost and a reduced time to market without stifling creativity – a marketeers ream.’

The exit is the second by ISIS during 2014 following its sale of Kafevend to Eden Sprints in January. That deal produced a multiple of 2.5x and IRR of 13.8 per cent to the Baronsmead VCTs.

Hunter Ruthven

Hunter Ruthven

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