Red Bull Amplifier accelerator targets start-ups in the music space

Energy drinks brand Red Bull has launched a business accelerator aimed at cultivating innovative music-orientated start-ups.

Red Bull is inviting submissions for its new accelerator as it continues to expand its business interests beyond its original drinks offering.

The Austrian company’s London-based Red Bull Amplifier will select its chosen start-ups, which will then work with the likes of Sidekick Studios and Red Bull Media House to build what it describes as a ‘mutually beneficial promotional partnership’.

Amongst the judging panel which will be choosing the successful start-ups is Mercury Prize-nominated artist Ghostpoet, Red Bull Music Academy’s Davide Bortot, technology journalist Ciara Byrne and Dave Haynes, VP business development at SoundCloud.

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Haynes comments, ‘Sometimes it’s not enough to get a small amount of funding or the accolades that some start-up accelerators provide.

‘What counts for early-stage music start-ups is exposure to a critical mass of potential new users. Through their networks and the Red Bull Media House, I’m excited to see what new and innovative products and services Red Bull can help put in front of millions of discerning music fans and top artists.’

Red Bull says that no money will be changing hands, instead the programme is a ‘creative partnership’ designed to help start-ups that are ready to scale the business by engaging with Red Bull’s networks and enhancing its existing music properties with ‘innovative technology’ in the process.

Hunter Ruthven

Hunter Ruthven

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