Property tycoon to invest another $100m in tech companies

Vincent Tchenguiz has already invested $200m in VC funding, mainly in biotech.

Property tycoon Vincent Tchenguiz plans to invest $100 million worth of venture capital into tech start-ups, with the focus on biotechnology.

His Consensus Business Group, which employs a 50-strong tech investment team, has already invested $200 million in tech companies over the past three years.

Tchenguiz, who made his fortune in London property, invests in early-stage companies, most of them in Israel, through incubator funds.

In particular, Consensus has invested through Israeli venture capital groups Jerusalem Venture Partners, Peregrine Ventures and Accelmed, as well as making its own investment decisions.

“I’m diversifying my operations. I’m moving away from just property to the world of technology,” he told the Financial Times. “You never know how we are going to make money in the future.”

Biotechnology accounts for almost two-thirds of Consensus’s tech investments, along with companies working on medical devices, cyber security and artificial intelligence.

Tchenguiz said his strategy is to forge links between clusters of groups in similar fields and develop relationships with hospitals in Tel Aviv.

Holdings in Israel include Omnix Medical, which uses genetic engineering to defeat resistant bacteria; Mimic, a robotic surgery group; and TPCera, which is developing treatments for autoimmune diseases.

Outside of Israel, Tchenguiz has made investments through Forbion, the European life sciences venture capital firm.

Tchenguiz and his brother Robert, Iranian-born British entrepreneurs, built up a £4.5 billion real estate portfolio before the financial crisis.

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