Powering your sales with Creddy

This article, written in conjunction with Creddy, looks at the way the business can power sales

This article, written in conjunction with Creddy, looks at the way the business can power sales

As one of the best online shopping credit providers, Creddy is dedicated to offering both customers and businesses with opportunities to make online purchases on any ecommerce platform even when it means that the user does not have liquid cash.

By simply offering customers and businesses attractive point-of-sale credit facilities on every platformand devices, this online provider ensures that parties, the buyers and the sellers are satisfied. 

Individuals who sign up for Creddy as B2B can use the channel to boost their sales in many different ways. What the platform does is that it will provide your esteemed customers with a credit facility that will enable them to shop with or without cash. By doing so, you can attract more customers as a business which is always something that is appreciated. 

The most amazing thing about Creddy is that both the customers and the B2Bs can use it on any device. 

Through the online shopping credit platform, customers are given more purchasing power. This in return translates to increased sales by businesses. Yu can use Creddy to purchase a product now, decide when to pay at anytime from anywhere without having to worry about financial status. 

Creddy’s benefits for a business

Creddy has transformed the way we do business especially when it comes to shopping online. It has made it possible to buy goods on credit online. Considering the challenges that come with online shopping this online credit provider has made a major milestone with Creddy. As a business, you stand to gain from the following: 

Increased sales 

As mentioned above, this platform allows customers to make purchases online even on credit. You do not have to be worried about having cash anymore whenever you go online to shop. With Creddy, you can just shop and at the point of payment just sign in or sign up to Creddy and request for credit to enable your purchase.

To most businesses, this acts as a major motivation to customers who more often than not are tempted to make bulk purchases. It also attracts more customers hence elevating the sales of a business. 

Highest of security standards

The fact that the online credit shopping platform has been developed in adherence to the banking industry safety standards, as a business you are guaranteed of first rate security. The service provider ensures that both your personal and business information remains confidential. This ensure that no one infringes on another’s privacy hence making the service trustworthy. 

Easy to integrate

The developers of Creddy ensured that the platform can be easily integrated on any e-commerce solution so as to make it convenient to anyone. Besides just being integrated on any e-commerce platform, customers can also us Creddy on any of their devices. This encourages more sales as it makes the service easily accessible. 

Do not allow your sales to drag when you can use Creddy to power your sales to a whole new level. Start today and be part of the transformation.


Praseeda Nair

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda was Editor for GrowthBusiness.co.uk from 2016 to 2018.

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