Peter Jones: ‘Fantastic products are worthless if the customer isn’t able to get their hands on them quickly’

Dragons Den star talks to Growth Business about the launch of his latest e-commerce venture Brandpath.

Dragons Den star and serial entrepreneur Peter Jones is consolidating his telecoms investments to launch Brandpath, the e-commerce company he describes as the “world’s first and only truly end-to-end solution” for product distribution.

Jones told Growth Business he was inspired to take the action by the mantra that “fantastic products are worthless if the customer isn’t able to get their hands on them quickly”. He hopes the new venture will allow his business interests to take advantage of the increasing sums spent on e-commerce.

“In the increasingly connected modern world brands are increasingly doing more business across national borders. Launching Brandpath means that we can offer global solutions for a global age and provide a better and more effective service for our customers,” he said.

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“We’re focused on developing solutions that enable brands to maximise their global reach and gain access to any audience in the world. Because of our global network Brandpath opens up the world to our partners, powering expansion into new markets and boosting growth.”

Brandpath aims to deliver on these aims by offering a service that can “handle every step of the customer journey; from when a product is produced to when it is placed in a customer’s hands and everywhere in between, no matter where they are in the world,” according to Jones.

The latest venture sees the television personality display an admirable desire to continue with grassroots business ventures despite a decade of fame. He puts his continued stamina for entrepreneurship down to the fact that he “can’t ever imagine doing anything else”.

“For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to run my own business,” he said. “I’ve never stopped coming up with ideas and looking forward to the next challenge, focusing on the future and what is possible.

“When I set out on my journey, building businesses, I never thought for one minute that I would end up on TV and enjoy the success that I have been lucky enough to enjoy. However, as soon as one horizon is reached, a new horizon is revealed.

“In achieving the results that I set out to achieve new opportunities have opened up that lead to better horizons. The goal posts for what is possible have been widened, and I’ll always be looking forwards to what is possible rather than resting on my laurels. I urge any aspiring entrepreneur out their to give it a go and make their own dreams reality!”

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