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There are many different reasons that businesses decide to change their office design. Sometimes it may have just got a little bit old and outdated, at others you may require more space for an expanding team, or the company may want to boost productivity through revamping the workplace environment.

A full office fit out from Office Principles can achieve just this, by using the best creative and technical talents to tailor it to your company’s needs. When having an office fit out to create a more productive environment there are a number of areas you must work on.  


Natural light is incredibly important for boosting productivity levels in the office. Studies have shown that being exposed to a lot of artificial light can lead to tiredness, so having windows that let a lot of outside light in is ideal. If this isn’t possible then installing natural light bulbs or light therapy devices should have a positive effect.  


No company in their right mind would paint their walls black. The room colour has a big effect on workers mood, so picking the right combination will can help increase or decrease productivity levels. Light colours are almost always better, radiating from the walls and lightbulbs, though splashes of darker colours like red can increase productivity too.  


Depending on the type of business you run, you may want to use space in a number of different ways. Some will benefit from separating workers out whereas others will prefer to have a more open plan office. Having spaces for meetings, break out areas and more can help workers feel more flexible and give them a reason to move around the office.


Office workers spend the majority of their time sat down at their desk, so it’s important with any office fit out that you get the most ergonomically designed chairs. With workers feeling comfortable at their desks this should lead to a more productive work force. Consider installing standing desks, or at least ones that offer the option of standing or sitting too.   


Plants in an office have been shown to increase productivity by around 12%. This is partly due to their ability to reduce excess carbon dioxide in the air but they also create a more attractive environment physically. Consider bringing some greenery into your office an forming a small garden area outside, even growing fruit and vegetables, to improve productivity in your new office.  

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda Nair

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