New OFEX shell seeks £0.2m

Entrepreneur Ian Lancaster, who set up Virgin Cars for Richard Branson, is seeking £200,000 at 50p on OFEX for marketing services-oriented shell, Twenty.

St Helen’s Capital is set to handle the issue for Twenty, which will sport a value of £1.7 million at the float price. Lancaster, who five years ago achieved a sale price of £50 million for marketing services consultancy Ultimate Perspective Group, says Twenty will look for investments and deals involving public and private companies in the same sector.

Now that AIM has closed the door on shell companies seeking less than £3 million, OFEX is hoping some of these aspirants will divert to the private share market, which recently changed its rules to admit them. An assessment of Twenty’s merits awaits its prospectus.

Leslie Copeland

Leslie Copeland

Leslie was made Editor for Growth Company Investor magazine in 2000, then headed up the launch of Business XL magazine, and then became Editorial Director in 2007 for the online and print publication portfolio...

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