Nesta and UKRI offer £6m funding for start-ups in healthy ageing

Nesta and URKI have launched a funding opportunity for businesses who focus on promoting healthy ageing and independent living for older people

Nesta and UK Research (UKRI) are offering £6m in combined investment and grant funding for companies working to encourage healthy ageing.

Research shows that, on average, the poorest die nine years before their more affluent peers as well as experiencing ill-health almost two decades earlier.

The fund aims to support companies between Seed stage and Series A that are offering products to increase healthy life expectancy and reduce health inequalities. Nesta is particularly focused on start-ups looking to reduce loneliness – for those moving into care, for instance – or supporting people to remain in work in later life.

You can apply if your company has a UK presence, is an existing SME at Seed to Series A stage and addresses one of the UKRI themes below:

  • Sustaining physical activity
  • Maintaining health at work
  • Designing for age-friendly homes
  • Managing common complaints of ageing
  • Living well with cognitive impairment
  • Supporting social connections
  • Creating healthy and active places

Potential investees can apply for between £250,000 and £1m of investment capital from Nesta Capital Impact Investments. Nesta is making up to £3m of funding available. Qualifying companies will then be eligible to apply for further match grant funding from UKRI.

The new £3m fund from Nesta is open now and will be running until March 31 2023. For more on the fund, eligibility criteria and to apply, head to Nesta Impact Investments:

“Nesta is committed to increasing the average number of healthy years lived in the UK, whilst narrowing health inequalities,” said Manish Miglani, investment director, Nesta Impact Investments.

“This £6m partnership with UKRI will enable us to invest in innovative approaches, and solutions that can overcome an issue that is central to Nesta’s mission through Impact Investments. We are particularly interested in companies between Seed stage and Series A that are reskilling older people to reduce later years unemployment – further perpetuated by the ongoing pandemic – as well as solutions that can keep people healthy and independent for longer.”

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