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Growth Planning

Can a sole trader employ staff? 

What is a sole trader? Does it mean you have to work alone?


Ten ways to de-stress your day

April is Stress Awareness Month and as anyone who runs a business knows, it can creep up on you at any time. Here are ten tips to help keep stress at bay


UK growth business events and exhibitions calendar

A diary of upcoming events and exhibitions of interest for UK growth business owners and scale-ups


Nuclear fusion: the start-ups chasing energy’s holy grail

Nuclear fusion is the process that powers the sun; the hope is that it could also power our homes

Social Media

3 things you should be doing to boost your social media following

Social media doesn't have to be a complicated part of business management. Use these helpful tips to boost your following.


Top ten tips for managing stress in the workplace

With stress the number one cause of sick leave, we give our top tips for keeping stress levels to a minimum


Would a four-day working week really boost productivity?

With the majority of businesses in the four-day week trial making it permanent, what can you do to boost wellbeing and productivity if you’re not ready to make the jump?


ThinCats to back high-growth companies with £300m fund

The new fund is for high-growth and owner-managed businesses based in London, the South East, North West and the Midlands


Fastest-growing companies in the UK revealed

The eighth annual FT1000 rankings is based on revenue growth in the three years to 2022


Artificial intelligence: is it good or bad for society?

Whether its benefits outweigh its threats or not, AI looks like it’s here to stay…

Private equity

The essential guide to raising private equity

In this guide we explain how scale-up businesses can tackle an all-important issue: raising private equity.

Alternative Finance for Business

Raising finance: Convertible loan notes explained

Raising money in is tough, and convertible loan notes (CLNs) may offer a possible solution, writes Joss Alcraft, principal at law firm Matthew Arnold & Baldwin.