Laptops falling out of favour as tablet sales rise

During the last decade, the proliferation of mobile technology has been pronounced. This has not only increased the sheer range of mobile products available, but it has also ensured that the typical individual now owns more than a single handheld device. 

More importantly, a rise in the number of smart devices owned by consumers drove revenue up across the mobile market, with 02 reporting a 1.2% increase in revenue to £1.5 billion. This was recorded during the third financial quarter, and it underlines how the proliferation of mobile technology is increasing bottom line brand returns.

While this trend is at least partially the result of the increased accessibility of mobile technology, 02 chief executive Ronan Dunne believes that there are alternative factors. One of the is the fact that users are no longer waiting to upgrade their existing handset before investing in new products, meaning that the majority of customers will own more than one smartphone at any given time.

Another interesting factor is the rising popularity of tablets, which is encouraging consumers to invest in multiple devices to augment their smartphone. With tablets sales increasingly rapidly and inflating mobile revenues, customers are likely to own at least two smart devices and use these for multiple purposes.

While customers may use their existing smartphone to execute calls, texts and initiate everyday browser access, for example, those who like to access games on platforms such as are increasingly likely to use a tablet with a larger and higher resolution display.

The emergence of flexible mobile contracts may also be influential, as this enables customers to upgrade their devices before their actual contract ends. This began with O2’s popular ‘Refresh’ offer, which initially allowed customers to upgrade to a new handset every 12 months.

With new patterns of behaviour being developed, a growing range of devices available and a wider selection of choice for customers, the proliferation of mobile technology continues to gather momentum. This means that consumers will own more devices in years to come, as they look to add to their functionality and purpose.

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda was Editor for from 2016 to 2018.

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