Joining the public market and making the most out of a listing

Companies pursuing growth on the ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange will be outlining the benefits of a listing during the first IPO Seminar of the Year in February.

Executives of small and mid-cap businesses will have the chance to secure guidance on how to join a public market as part of a new series of seminars.

Hosted by the ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange (ISDX), formerly PLUS Markets Group, the seminars will provide firsthand experience of companies listed on the exchange.

The market is designed for small and mid-cap entrepreneurial firms which are looking to raise capital amounts typically between £150,000 and £5 million and enhance corporate profiles.

To provide an overview of what listing on the ISDX growth market is like, legal, corporate advisory and investor relations professionals including Eran Zucker, director of corporate finance at Peterhouse Corporate Finance, and David Bennett, partner at law firm Marriott Harrison, will be speaking.

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Vivienne Cassley, senior business manager at ISDX, comments, ‘There are many reasons why companies might choose to come to the ISDX Growth Market. Access to capital – whether at admission or on an ongoing basis – is the most obvious and perhaps the most important in terms of being able to grow the business. 

‘But going public also brings other benefits, for example an independent valuation of the business, increased visibility and status, and the ability to attract and incentivise employees through share option schemes.’

The half-day seminar, including a networking and drinks session, is free to attend and will be held on 25 February at Arundel House, London.

Hunter Ruthven

Hunter Ruthven

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