Jivjav Offers a comprehensive platform for marketing and managing your training courses

In this piece Jivjav explain the benefits of their innovative marketing and management platform

In this piece Jivjav explain the benefits of their innovative marketing and management platform

Creating an engaging, rewarding and effective training course is all well and good, but every great course needs students. Of course, you can create glossy brochures, commission expensive ads and fund call centres, but these methods of marketing are expensive – and you pay for them whether they are successful or not.

There is now an online marketing and management platform that has everything you need to sell places on your training courses: Jivjav.com

What is Jivjav?

Jivjav is an online marketplace that connects course providers with businesses and individuals. 

Listing your courses on Jivjav is completely free – you’ll simply pay a modest commission when someone books a place. This means that you only get a bill when Jivjav gets you bookings.

Jivjav is home to hundreds of courses, which are delivered face to face by qualified instructors or online. Whether you have an Accountancy course, or a basic first aid refresher to advertise, you can reach out to people all over the world who are looking for programmes just like yours. 

Registering with Jivjav as a course provider is an exceptionally quick and easy process. And thanks to the bulk import tool, you can upload hundreds of courses to the site within just 10 minutes.

Time is precious to HR and training managers. Managing the training and development needs of employees can take their attention away from other important business issues. Jivjav is a one-stop shop for managing and marketing training courses, and it allows you – or your HR staff – to manage all of your training requirements via a single, user-friendly interface. 

There are many exciting benefits associated with using Jivjav as your comprehensive course management platform:

Secure Payments

Jivjav uses a fully managed payment system through Mango Pay. This ensures payments can be made quickly, easily and securely. 

Targeted Advertising

The Jivjav platform makes advertising easy and effective. Advertise your course to the people who have a need for it, and pay a low rate of commission for each course booking (currently just 5%).

A Choice of Marketing Packages

You can manage the marketing of all your courses with one of two packages currently available from Jivjav. 

Both the Basic and Premium packages include free setup, free course listing and an integrated payment system. But you can maximise the reach of your training courses by selecting the Premium package.

As well as the ability create adverts that are targeted to your specific audience, Jivjav also offers a referral programme, enabling visitors to click through to your website. You can also list a ‘Featured Course’ to stand out within your subject area.

Manage Your Course Bookings with Ease 

By allowing key members of your team to manage the marketing and management of your training courses in one place, you can cut administration costs and concentrate on running your business. 

Use the Jivjav platform to check who is booked on your courses at a glance so you can plan your resources effectively. And you won’t need to worry about last-minute student withdrawals costing your business money, as Jivjav forwards all booking fees to course providers two weeks in advance of the course date. 

Add up the time and cost your business bears in order to create, market and deliver training courses, and you’ll see just how valuable the Jivjav platform can be. Instead of investing in expensive call centre teams and glossy brochures, tap into the huge Jivjav marketplace for a cost-effective way to sell your courses.

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda was Editor for GrowthBusiness.co.uk from 2016 to 2018.

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