How do I ensure my marketing delivers ROI?

Marketing agency every1 explain what to keep in mind when trying to make sure your marketing efforts deliver a clear ROI.

Getting your brand, products or services in front of the right people is important to the long-term success of your business. Successfully accomplishing this task and driving the commercial interactions and enquiries that you need is the role of your marketing.

But how do you ensure your marketing is successful and delivers a positive return on investment?

Marketing agency every1 explain what to keep in mind when trying to make sure your marketing efforts deliver a clear ROI.

Clear goals

Defining what you want to accomplish from your marketing, be that generating an increase in sales or an increase in leads from a specific campaign, can help to define the type campaign you need to run and its subsequent budget. From there you can work out what your ROI will be.

Having clearly defined goals in place gives you something to track performance against, and helps you to define the best methods available to your business to achieve the goals you have set.

The right strategy

Once you’ve defined your goals you need to work out the way you are going to go about accomplishing them.

Understanding your existing customers, their personas and how your brand is positioned will help you to identify the best ways of communicating with an audience. Not only in terms of what you need to say, but when and where.

Build a strategy that has this information in mind. Align this with your goals and create something that is geared towards delivering the most effective use of your marketing budget that it can.

This could mean a stronger focus on social media engagement or creating specific landing pages for PPC. Knowing how your audience interacts with your brand and where you have the most visibility is key to creating an effective campaign.


A strategy is a fantastic starting point and helps to guide your marketing, from the creative and content creation through to deployment. However, it is sometimes necessary to be flexible with your plans in order to reflect changes in your market, new legislation, information, etc.

Taking a reactive approach, especially within content marketing, allows you adapt to developing situations, comment on events and reflect any changes in your marketplace

Being able to look objectively at your strategy, assess what is working, and more importantly what isn’t. Lets you amend your strategy accordingly, allowing your business to maximise the effectiveness of its marketing and ensuring a better ROI.

For example, you might be spending a lot on sponsoring content across social media. This could be across a number of sites, but only one advert on one site seems to be converting.

This may mean you need to adapt the wording on the other social posts, or divert the resource for posting them into the converting ad to see if you can make the successful advert even more effective.

Understanding what you want to accomplish from your marketing, using clear goals to form a concrete strategy and monitoring its performance in order to optimise and improve efficiency are key to ensuring your marketing delivers on its potential.

Not only does this process help ensure you marketing is effective but it also helps you to make sure that the budget you assign is spent in the places that have the most impact and deliver the best possible return for your business.

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda was Editor for from 2016 to 2018.

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