How to improve your pitch deck #3 – Axana

How to improve your pitch deck #3. SeedLegals CEO Anthony Rose offers advice on punching up the pitch deck of social media platform Axana

How to improve your pitch deck #3 – Axana

SeedLegals CEO Anthony Rose sits down with Brody Daniels, founder and CEO of social media platform Axana, to go through his PowerPoint presentation, offering advice on how to improve your pitch deck.

For Rose, a slide deck is always a story: what is the problem you’re looking to solve? How are you going to solve it? How are you going to help others? How are you doing in terms of traction? Who is the team?

Axana describes itself as the future of social media, a platform which strengthens people’s mental health by filtering out malware and negativity and instead encourages a new way to share videos and pictures to the world.

South Africa-based Axana is raising £600,000 against a £1.6m pre-money valuation.

Rose says: “I love founders with serious ambition. It’s definitely a go big or go home thing. With social media platforms you have to reach critical mass. And this is one of the most beautiful pitch decks I’ve ever seen. It’s simple, it breathes. The look and feel is really nice and I trust that you’re going to build a great app on the basis of this.”

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Look and feel

  • Every slide deck has a story to it
  • Crossing the believability gap
  • Why images are more powerful than words; sometimes less is more
  • Differentiating yourself in the market; in short, what’s your schtick?
  • Showing a timeline for rollout

Messaging and proposition

  • You need to tell investors what your ‘secret sauce’ is
  • How to visualise monetising growth
  • Explaining revenue projections to sceptical investors

Valuation and financials

  • Why your content needs to flow
  • Getting your slides in order; the importance of structuree
  • Justifying financial projections

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