How to improve your pitch deck #1 – MeasureMatch

Welcome to SeedLegals pitch deck clinic #1. SeedLegals CEO Anthony Rose punches up the pitch deck for professional services platform MeasureMatch

How to improve your pitch deck #1 – MeasureMatch

SeedLegals CEO Anthony Rose sits down with MeasureMatch founder and CEO James Sandoval to go through the professional services platform’s PowerPoint presentation, offering advice on how to improve your pitch deck.

For Rose, a slide deck is always a story: what is the problem you’re looking to solve? How are you going to solve it? How are you going to help others? How are you doing in terms of traction? Who is the team?

Look and feel

  • Designing an opening page with awards validation
  • The importance of a clear mission statement

Messaging and proposition

  • Why you need to see a pitch deck through the eyes of an end user, the importance of simplicity, desire and delight
  • Matching the words to the imagess

Valuation and financials

  • You don’t have to show the size of the total market, just how you are going to dominate a subsection of the market
  • When to use graphs to show growth
  • Making sure your numbers stack up

Feedback and top tips

  • Boiling down y0ur message and why ‘less is more’

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