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There is more awareness than ever of the need for new and growing businesses to draw on every possible resource to bolster enterprise. Read the GrowthBusiness StartUp Britain guide to growing a start up.

In light of the government’s push for private sector growth through the encouragement of start-ups, there is more awareness than ever of the need for new and growing businesses to draw on every possible resource available to bolster enterprise.

Even taking into account the recent recession, which has recently hampered many start-ups from launching and growing, few new ventures succeed. The fact is four out of five start-ups fail, a harsh reality Chancellor George Osborne highlighted in the 2011 Budget.

With this in mind, GrowthBusiness StartUp Britain offers a comprehensive resource to new and growing businesses, covering the most pressing concerns for start-ups. Personal insights, tips and advice can be found on topics including how to secure financing, ramp up sales and marketing, and recruit the right people.

Instead of offering small discounts and fancy marketing, GrowthBusiness StartUp Britain speaks directly with the business people themselves to find out their own strategies and business plans to achieve success.

GrowthBusiness StartUp Britain will be regularly updated with further tips, advice and strategies in coming weeks. However, if an insight you are looking for is not available, readers are invited to tell us what their business challenges are and which strategies need explanation. Follow us on Twitter @growthbusiness.

Where to go for Funding
Growing businesses consistently ask where they should turn to in the hope of realising their business dreams.

  • How to raise venture capital? Read a step-by-step instruction.
  • Looking at alternatives? Read about how to attract angel investment.
  • What are the common fundraising mistakes? Read a guide of what not to do.
  • How to take advantage of tax gaps? Read an explanation for entrepreneurs.

Determining your Growth Strategy
From venturing overseas to tapping into new local markets, there is a growth strategy for every business.

  • What is the best way to expand internationally? Read how to cost-effectively start overseas operations.
  • How to use social media marketing? Read tips on how to stand out.
  • What steps should be taken to limit liability? Read the steps on protecting personal assets.
  • Which steps can be taken to ensure a smooth sale? Read how to keep exits on track.

Becoming an Entrepreneur
Be inspired by the people who have already achieved business success. Follow in their footsteps.

* Where do the business ideas come from? Read what inspired Moonpig.
* How to position a business for an exit? Read Eldar Tuvey’s journey.
* What are the steps to floating on the stock market? Read how Blinkx joined AIM.
* What is the best way to accelerate growth? Read the insights of five high-growth CEOs.

Gaining new Business Insights
After launching a start-up, there are options for businesses to take on how to build on their foundations.

  • How do the big players strategise? Read what Google thinks of acquisitions.
  • What is the best way to structure a pitch? Read the tips on pitch preparations.
  • Who should you trust with your investments? Read advice on working with accountants.
  • How should businesses act to the outside world? Watch why small businesses should act big.

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