From blog to business: SEOgadget's mission to supercharge brands

Having decided that he had enough useful things to say to warrant a blog, Richard Baxter has now turned his thoughts into a business which straddles both sides of the Atlantic.

Richard Baxter’s professional career has taken him from university, to a credit card bank, over to a construction e-commerce business before taking up the reigns as head of SEO at

However, in the four years it has been since leaving Baxter has built his own offering in the search engine optimisation business – SEOgadget.

Not a typical SEO agency, the technology start-up is populated by a search marketing team of ‘scientists’ combining SEO and marketing for companies such as and Swissotel.

The blog which spawned the business was an embarrassed response after Baxter turned up at an SEO conference in Seattle without one while still working for – apparently sacrilege in the industry.

From its initial base on in east of London, Baxter has now opened a San Francisco office for his business and employed someone to head up American development. Many air miles later, the American branch is looking after itself and bringing in customers at a faster rate than its UK sister was at inception.

GrowthBusiness visited the soon to be former office of SEOgadget in Shoreditch, London to find out how Baxter has gone about building a business in a new and ever-changing sector.

GrowthBusiness meets Richard Baxter

More on the ‘story behind the business’:

Hunter Ruthven

Hunter Ruthven

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