Foresight expects explosive growth at Aigis

Foresight Partners has invested £142,000 in Aigis, a maker of a material that is able to withstand bomb blasts and other explosions.

The substance has been used to line numerous buildings including oil giant Exxon-Mobil’s headquarters in Saudi Arabia.

Aigis, which made a £20,000 loss on £681,000 sales in the year to last September, is experiencing strong demand for its products from customers including police forces and military organisations.

The investment, through the group’s original Foresight Technology VCT, gives Foresight a 7.3 per cent stake in the company, which has a total valuation of £2 million.

Foresight has also put £750,000 into DCG Datapoint, which provides technical back-up facilities to companies that helps them cope with an emergency. These can be offered at the customer’s premises or a remote location.

In the year to last March Datapoint made a £395,000 loss on £2.57 million sales. Foresight has a 18.8 per cent stake in the group, currently valued at £4 million.

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Leslie Copeland

Leslie Copeland

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