Food packaging innovation over the past decade

Packaging is done for a number of different reasons other than containing the product. This has been true, especially to food items. With food packaging, there are a unique set of constraints and challenges to address.

Other than promoting a product a trying to create a brand identity, businesses need to come up with packages that are safe, hygienic, sustainable and easy to use. Consequently, food product packaging has gone through interesting innovations over the past decade and manufacturers of food carton’s are coming up with new ways to meet the growing demands and needs.

1. Environmental issues

The rising concern for the environment has been a prime reason for the constant changes in food packaging. Modern brands have become more environmentally conscious and food cartons are now being made into recyclable products that help bring down the final carbon footprint. Apart from using raw materials and designs that can be recycled, it has become a norm for carton manufacturers to come up with labels that advise on the best ways to recycle or dispose of used packaging. So, packaging this way is more informational than just safe or green.

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2. Health issues

Another important reason for the change in food packaging has been the rising health issues with traditional packaging. Governments across the globe had made it mandatory for food cartons to have nutritional labels and letting the consumer know what they are actually buying. These labels help consumers make healthy decisions. In the same lines, manufacturers have also come up with modified atmospheric packaging that helps increase the shelf life of food products. This always puts brands and retailers at an advantage.

3. Design innovation

In 2017, we are no longer talking of food cartons that come as unattractive boxes that are usable only till the product has been taken out. Packaging today has been made attractive and manufacturers are coming up with designs that serve a greater number of purposes. Custom printed boxes, innovative casings, ease to use boxes, etc have made the packaging as important as the product.

4. Greater product safety

With increasing demand for products, packaging has become the answer to long distance transportation and longer shelf life. Today, even laptops are being shipped in bamboo based cushioning, that not only attaches more product safety but also makes it a greener alternative to traditionally used Styrofoam and similar products. Several other Bio-foam alternatives are coming up and helping brands address several issues at a time.

5. Getting rid of un-necessities

Lastly, modern manufacturers are innovating packaging design to make it as minimal as possible. They are constantly seeking new ways to reduce the cost of transportation and storage by cutting the packaging to a minimum. There is no more of bulky cartons that weigh more than the product itself. Alternatively, we have come up with newer materials that are far sturdier and at the same time weigh a fraction of traditional packaging.

This is an industry that is constantly on a roll. As we move on to the future, we are definitely going to get more creative with technology, design and materials.

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