Five top ideas for marketing start-ups with a small budget

Deciding on a marketing method when you are a start-up with limited resources and a small budget is not easy. Here are five ideas to start.

Marketing has become an integral part for startups, small businesses and even large conglomerates. For any business to be sustainable, multiple marketing skills should be used diligently.

Print advertising and digital printing are quite expensive. Social media advertising will not cost a penny but nevertheless, it is time consuming. Having a clear marketing strategy will help you be more efficient when starting out. There are a few strategies that can work well in spreading the word about your business with a small budget.

To take your business to the next level, you should invest your time and effort in the following marketing techniques;

1. Network with online influencers

Build a strong online network by having other people sharing your brand. You can do this by collaborating with bloggers who have a huge following and convince them to have your product on their blog. You could also get out of your comfort zone and be active with online influencers.

You can do this by following them on their social media networks, sharing their content with friends then make them notice you by engaging them.

Be sure to have a link to your site. Having a network of influencers you can reach out to helps amplify your business.

2. Regularly create and publish content

Keep your website updated by crafting words that suits your business and its products while also staying relevant in the online domain.

This will have the amazing effect of drawing potential customers to your website. Ensure you do a SEO research so that your blog has keywords which will make your blog rank higher than others posting the same content.

3. Use illustrational videos

When you have an illustration video for your business website, it helps in making you both memorable and easy to recognize. It adds the visual appeal making you unique from the competition.

You can easily upload a video about your products on YouTube. In the video, be sure to include content about your product and its uses.

Do not make a lengthy promotional video because it will not attract viewers and potential customers. Focus on creating a professional looking content at the bottom of the video as it can be a great SEO tool that many business do not utilize.

4. Start small with social media

Social media has become a very powerful marketing tool. With so many networks to choose from, it is good to note that not all are made to work the same way. Finding the networks that are best suited for your business is important.

To know for sure, you could try out with one or two and post relevant content that your followers will want to share.

Be active and involved by responding to any replies on time. Start with the networks that are most used such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for visual products and Google+ if you have customers here.

5. Highlight your benefits on social media

What sort of benefits does your product or service offer? Highlight it. Is it to save time, increase profits, protect your family, save money? Make sure you appeal to the self-interest of your customers.

Show your customers how they can save with coupon codes and offers. This will not only keep your customers coming back but also get new customers coming in.

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda was Editor for from 2016 to 2018.

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