Firms wasting money on hiring

UK businesses are 'wasting' nearly £270 million a year through job recruitment that doesn't work, a new survey suggests.

UK businesses are ‘wasting’ nearly £270 million a year through job recruitment that doesn’t work, a new survey suggests.

Findings from learndirect show that employers spend £1.16 billion each year but 23 per cent of vacancies advertised are seen as ‘hard to fill’, needing further resources to fill.
The report finds that, while there are often 20 people challenging for each job, many remain confused about exactly what skills and qualities are required by the employer.
Jane Ellis, employability lead at learndirect, comments, ‘With the toughest employment conditions in 30 years it’s incredible money is being wasted finding the right people for vacancies.
‘With a bit of thought and a few simple changes, getting people into the right jobs would be easier for everyone and much cheaper.’
As part of the findings, learndirect has made a number of recommendations to better jobseekers’ skill sets and ease the recruitment process.
It says that employers should be clearer about expectations of candidates in advertisements and job descriptions and make better use of online recruitment to drive down costs and become more efficient.
A contradiction between jobseekers and employers was in the findings which show that while 10 per cent of those looking for jobs see workplace skills as important, 88 per cent of those hiring see it as a top priority.
Learndirect is calling for employers to be more involved in careers advice at a national and local labour market to make sure that it is always up to date.
Ellis adds, ‘Some of our recommendations may take time to realise. The unemployment figures reinforce how people need help which is why we’ve created our street theatre road show.
‘We want to go out and give people a few hints and tips on how they can improve their job prospects.’

Hunter Ruthven

Hunter Ruthven

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