Do motivational speakers help boost morale at work?

What are the benefits of hiring a motivational speaker for your workplace? Here, we investigate the upside for your business.

Do motivational speakers help to boost morale at work? Well, the answer to this one is simple. Yes, they do! Motivational speakers inspire a workforce, imbue employees with energy and motivate them to achieve far more than they would if they were going it alone.

But how do they help to boost morale at work? What are the benefits of hiring a motivational speaker? And, most importantly, how can you find a motivational speaker to give your workforce a sharp burst of enthusiasm and energy? Let’s take a look…

Motivational speakers help to boost morale

We all have difficult days at work, but in many offices, difficult times can stretch for weeks or even months. The result of this is that employees become disengaged, despondent or even defensive, feeling that the office is sapping their energy and lowering their mood. In the worst instances, staff attrition can quickly escalate as employees hand their notices in, causing the business to suffer and individuals to take their talent and experience elsewhere.

The good news, however, is that plenty can be done – and one of those things is by having motivational speakers come in to talk to employees. These speakers will help to nurture a positive attitude among employees, encourage ownership, determination and dedication to a role, and ultimately, make your business more productive.

Motivational speakers achieve this by:

Leading by example – demonstrating a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude that others want to emulate is very helpful in an office environment. An energised, optimistic and empowered speaker is often a great influence on employees who want to feel as good as the motivational speaker appears to.

Offering a new way of looking at things – one of the most valuable things motivational speakers can do is help employees to shift their perspective and see their struggles in a way they hadn’t before. For example, speakers may be able to give examples where they’ve overcome adversity in their lives or ‘dug deep’ to achieve a goal, helping people to apply similar lessons without feeling ‘preached at’ or dismissed.

Helping employees to feel in control – motivational speakers often do a better job of encouraging key skills such as time management, discipline and focus than many HR officers do, and that’s because they make employees feel empowered and capable. You’ll find that motivational speakers do a great job of teasing out those kinds of characteristics as they’ll plant a seed of determination in employees due to what they say and how they say it.

Getting the message across – strong communication skills are precisely the kind of thing motivational speakers have by the bucketload. Knowing how to tell a story, filling up a room, speaking confidently and peppering a presentation with emotion and humour will certainly get the message across to your employees, whatever it is.

Where can you find a motivational speaker?

So, you’re probably wondering where you can find motivational speakers to talk to your employees. Well, there are many online services where you can hire a motivational speaker; their specialised agents will match up the right speaker with your company to help boost morale among your workforce in exchange for a fee.

In the meantime, you might consider pointing your employees in the direction of motivational speakers that have recorded their videos and podcasts on platforms such as YouTube – listening to a presentation during a commute will certainly help to boost morale before the work day has even begun!

Ben Lobel

Ben Lobel

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