Diverse Energy secures £2 million for launch

Octopus Investments has invested £2 million in Diverse Energy, a developer of low-carbon mobile phone tower technology, which will enable the company to take its product to market.

West Sussex-based Diverse Energy builds an emission-free power product for mobile phone communication towers that are located in rural areas of developing countries. The technology aims to replace diesel generators, which currently power the towers in areas where electricity is not available, with an ammonia-based fuel. It claims the technology reduces greenhouse gas emissions in the towers by 80 per cent.

According to a statement from Octopus, the investment will enable Diverse Energy to take orders for its product, complete the assembly plant and expand to serve its export market.

Luke Hakes of Octopus comments: ‘There has been a considerable amount of hype around the use of fuel cells for off-grid applications, but to date, no other company has been able to combine the necessary technology, fuel infrastructure and service agreements to take this proposition to market.’

Adds Dr Alastair Livesey, managing director of Diverse Energy: ‘This investment will enable Diverse Energy to complete the transition from development to a fully commercial manufacturing organisation.’

Nick Britton

Nick Britton

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