Digital marketing vs traditional methods

Here, we look at a list of small business digital marketing options and compare them to more traditional methods.

In such a saturated market where businesses are constantly vying for customers’ attention, it’s easy to get lost in the competition. There is an overwhelming choice in every industry, emphasising the importance of making sure your business stands out and attracts the right customer. So, when it comes to marketing your brand and putting your business in front of your audience, you need to make sure it’s spot on in regards to getting your message across and portraying yourself in the best light.

When it comes to advertising and marketing strategies, you have no doubt wondered which avenue is right for your business. As we continue to move into a more digitally-focused era, many businesses are following in the footsteps of carefully created digital marketing strategies. However, some traditional methods are still in place and many companies find them to be effective for their goals. Here is a look at digital marketing versus more traditional methods.

The downfall of traditional marketing methods

Traditional methods can still be seen everywhere today; it has not completely been taken over by a digital approach. Traditional marketing includes anything printed, such as flyers or newspaper ads, as well as television and radio adverts and billboards. They can still be effective as so many people will hear a radio advert, or pass a billboard on their way to work.

However, they can be costly to create and distribute, and there is little interaction between the brand and customer. What’s more, marketing efforts such as radio ads or billboards cannot be measured; how do you know how many people have heard or seen your advert, and who has acted upon it? With that in mind, digital marketing has many advantages over traditional methods.

Benefits of digital marketing

So many business owners are now turning towards digital marketing to boost their company online and expose their brand on effective platforms including social media. A huge appeal of digital marketing is the concept that it’s cost effective, and can be tracked and measured in depth. In other words, your ROI can be seen clearly and can help you to justify marketing budgets. By measuring your results, you can also see for yourself what is working to boost your brand, and what tactics should be avoided in the future.

Digital strategies are flexible; they can be changed, adjusted and optimised relatively quickly without incurring a loss for the business. What’s more, you can target a much more detailed audience by choosing specific demographics. In this way, you can reach a much larger audience which can enhance your business, expose your brand and target new customers.

Digital marketing is incredibly interactive and engaging; as a brand, you can connect with your customers over a number of platforms including blogging and social media posts. You can talk to your audience on a more personal level, allowing you to create relationships and instil trust and loyalty into your customers. This can have a positive effect on customer retention as well as recommendations to other people.

In other words, correct digital marketing can not only boost sales and traffic in order to gain more revenue, it can also create a better perception of your business in the public eye.

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