Keys to creating an attractive brand to seduce your customers

One of the most important aspects of creating a successful business is making sure you build the right brand. We take a look at the steps you need to make your brand attractive to customers.

An attractive brand is what differentiates one enterprise for another. But how do you create a good company image? And how does it help you convince customers into making a purchase with you instead of a competitor? We will give you the keys to create an inviting brand that will certainly help in seducing potential clients.

Some companies think that a corporate image is just the logo of the organisation and making sure that it is beautiful, but it’s much more than that. You need to become attractive to customers in all the communication.

A brand image is transmitted in both small and big details, like an attractive and usable website, engaging business cards and company brochures, and also in an email signature and presence on social media. The design and style that you use, is key to transmitting the values of the company. And it helps customers to know why they should be with your company.

Offline company image

Every company, whether you work online or offline, needs to take into account that offline communication is still important. For some types of businesses, the offline part will even be more important than the online part. Offline communication can reinforce online marketing. One thing is that personal contact is valued by a lot of people. Business cards are a good means to provide this personal contact and to communicate the company image. Online printers like Helloprint UK are an easy way to get corporate stationary like business cards designed and printed.

Take into account that online tools like a LinkedIn profile or Google+ can be an easy way to get in touch, but it’s very difficult for these contacts, without a clear objective or a concrete need, to reach more. With a business card potential clients can always look up the contact details of the company at moments when they have a need. Other offline marketing tools like flyers, posters and rollup banners are also a good way to communicate with your target group.

Communicate a clear message

As a company it is important to communicate a clear message and show the added value of the company. Of course you want to make sure to do this in an attractive way for your clients with an obvious corporate style. For this you need to decide on a logo and corporate colours. Choose something that has meaning and makes sense for your business. After all, it all adds up to being irresistible to your potential customers. Choosing colours can be complicated and there are many studies behind what colours a brand should have, depending on the audience it aims at or the feeling it wants to convey.

For this, it is important to know your customer. In a business relationship it is good to know what your consumers’ need is. What problem does he have? What wakes him up at night? And what are his needs? By knowing your clientele, you can make sure to respond to it in an adequate way and get in touch. Also, stay in touch because what your customer needs today can be different tomorrow.

Make buying easy

As an entrepreneur you have to make it as easy as possible for clients to buy from you, whether you offer a service or a product. You don’t want to make it extra complicated for them or even scare them away. Make sure, if you offer a check-out page on your website, that it is easy to place an order and the steps are clear. If you want to create a unique added value, you can offer something that is a special solution for the problem your clients has. Create a wow effect and work with special deals, for example.

In summary, it is important to take care of the image of the company and look at all the details. Take it step by step to create a homogeneous and complete brand so that your customers know what you stand for and what you have to offer. The clearer you are the better for your business.

Owen Gough

Owen Gough

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