CanDo: A new crowdfunding platform to support war-torn Syria

Following the huge support for the hospital project from people all over the world, CanDo is now launching a crowdfunded platform.

With the Syrian refugee crisis and the growing number of immigrants flooding Europe being scrutinised in the global media, CanDo are offering out a helping hand by opening the world’s first hospital funded with crowdfunding, Hope Hospital, to treat children in Aleppo.

The team behind the hospital in Syria made through crowdfunding, is launching a new crowdfunding platform, CanDo, where 100 per cent of all money raised for health projects in Syria, will go directly to the people who need it most.

Via people-to-people aid, CanDo challenges the current system where despite 75 per cent of aid being carried out by local humanitarians, only one per cent of funding gets to them. By supporting local humanitarians, via projects on the CanDo platform, war-affected communities will receive access to life-saving healthcare services and help reduce the suffering of innocent people.

The CanDo platform is inspired by the public display of generosity and solidarity seen last December, where almost £250,000 (270 per cent of the fundraising target) was raised in just 12 days to rebuild the last children’s hospital that had been bombed out of action in Aleppo, Syria.

The re-named Hope Hospital continues to be supported by CanDo and public funding via the platform, this ensures the Independent Doctors Association can provide ongoing neonatal and premature infant care, intensive care and minor surgeries to Aleppo’s youngest and most vulnerable citizens.

The hospital will serve Jarablus district (Northern Aleppo) community of 170,000, treating over 5,087 children each month – which is likely to grow as more communities become displaced from continued evacuations and news of the hospital spreads.

Throughout July and August, CanDo is inviting the public to make positive change in Syria by supporting humanitarian health related projects, including:

Ghiras Al Nahda – Growing mushrooms as a sustainable source of fresh food in a besieged area
Life conditions in in Al Ghouta, Damascus are very harsh and people are suffering from starvation and malnutrition. A team of Mycologists, biologists and technicians, will deliver a 3-day training workshop to teach locals how to grow mushrooms at home so they can provide for their family and neighbours. The project will support 135 families, and therefore help feed over 800 people.

Insan (meaning ‘human’) – A psychosocial programme supporting vulnerable women suffering from the psychological effects of war.

This self-help programme titled ’12 steps to deal with crisis’, will help Syrian women cope and come to terms with the difficulties facing them during the war.

Hurras (meaning ‘guard or protection’) – A children’s magazine which aims to help children protect themselves during conflict through storytelling.

The magazine distributed in cities across Syria and available online, also provides puzzles and games to help children gain knowledge and develop important skills.

Bihar (meaning ’spring’) – Protection services for vulnerable women who may have faced sexual violence.
Funding will help train health workers on the ground to conduct workshops with the surrounding community on psychosocial support, reproductive health and gender-based violence.

CanDo’s founder and CEO, Dr Rola Hallam comments, “‘Hope Hospital’ was a clear victory for humanity. While it might seem like a small victory in the face of the continued adversity in Syria, it demonstrated that positive change can occur with hope and the power of people.

“CanDo’s new crowd-funding platform gives everyday people the chance to contribute to the work of local humanitarians, including doctors, teachers and volunteers, and help prevent the suffering of Syrian people. We believe people are the next super power. When we come together and join up our efforts, everyone can create transformative and positive change.”

Owen Gough

Owen Gough

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