Blossom Capital launches $5m angel investment programme

Today, Blossom Capital launches an angel investment program to connect 'industry-defining' entrepreneurs with well-known unicorn founders.

Blossom Capital has launched a $5m (£4m) angel investment programme to connect entrepreneurs with well-known unicorn founders.

Angel investors taking part in Cultivate include’s Guillaume Pousaz, Intercom’s Des Traynor, and Shakil Kahn from Spotify. More investors will be announced.

Investment for early stage businesses

Over the next 12 months, Cultivate will invest total of $5m into 20 European start-ups that are at the seed or pre-seed stage. Each start-up will get an equal investment of $25,000. As well as the investment, founders will be given access to individual angel investors throughout the year for advice and expertise.

Ophelia Brown, founder of Cultivate, said: “Europe’s tech ecosystem continues to thrive and is home to some of the greatest, most ambitious, most courageous founders in the world.

“Even in these uncertain times, there are visionaries in Europe doing ground-breaking, fundamental work and this is not the time to be scaling back on innovation. Some of the best ideas and opportunities come in times of crisis and dislocation. The pioneers who can rise up in the face of adversity and lead others in a common ambitious mission, will be the ones who win long term.

“Now, more than ever, is the time when such founders should be encouraged to take risks and we hope Cultivate makes a strong statement that we’re here to support those ambitious ideas and the founders and teams behind them.”

Angels can refer founders for application, and they’ll be mentoring successful teams in their first 12 months. Investments are non-exclusive, meaning that members are also welcome at any stage to put in personal capital alongside Cultivate’s investment, as well as introduce founders to funds.

If you’re a founder and want to be a part of the programme, fill out an application form.

And to become an angel, email

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