Aoife Hayes was a staff journalist for Business XL, sister title to GrowthBusiness, from 2011 to 2012, before moving on to work for the BBC as a Broadcast journalist. She graduated from the University of Sussex with a Masters in multimedia journalism and worked for two years as a voice coach


Liquipel nano-coating

Water and technology seldom go well together, but new technology could yet marry the two.

Growth Planning

Making overseas manufacturing work 

Avoiding the pitfalls of overseas manufacturing is an important consideration for businesses considering the move.


Aoife Hayes


Spice girl: Pinky Lilani

Pinky Lilani set up Spice Magic in 2000. She now believes that she should have built up a stronger brand for the cooking and lifestyle business.

Exit Strategies

Life after a business exit

What do you do when you’ve signed the deal, said goodbye to your business and, hopefully, become a multimillionaire overnight? GrowthBusiness speaks to those that have made the move.


High-definition TV renovation

For anyone who feels their HDTV is a little out of date, there is now a way to upgrade it without having to invest in a brand new set thanks to the latest product offering by global giant Samsung.


Worrying growth rate for UK exports

The pace of UK export growth has slowed for the fourth quarter in a row leaving exporters less confident about 2012, according to new research.

Growth Planning

How to make an apprentice scheme a success

A successful apprentice scheme can be a long-term investment for companies of all sizes. GrowthBusiness finds out how to make it work.


On the edge

With the Eurozone in crisis and economists putting the chances of a double-dip recession at 50-50, entrepreneurs and experts give their outlook for 2012.


Mirror, mirror on the wall

Picture the scene. You drag yourself out of bed after a late night and look in the bathroom mirror. Instead of just gazing at the bags under your eyes, you are presented with information on your heart rate, temperature and weight.


Mobile device threats in the office can be managed

Given the rising popularity of laptops, smartphones and tablets, we explain some of the implications of bringing your own device schemes for staff.


The bigger picture: Corporate art

Art can improve more than just the office ambience, it can improve a business’s bottom line.