Aoife Hayes was a staff journalist for Business XL, sister title to GrowthBusiness, from 2011 to 2012, before moving on to work for the BBC as a Broadcast journalist. She graduated from the University of Sussex with a Masters in multimedia journalism and worked for two years as a voice coach

Growth Planning

Powering your fleet

With an array of funding packages available, investing in a fleet of vans or company cars can seem like a daunting prospect. GrowthBusiness speaks to firms that have got on the road.


‘Domino’ diagnostic system

The ability to conduct a quick diagnosis is important in industries ranging from personal healthcare to agriculture, and new nanotechnology could be about to give them the power to do this.

Growth Planning

Game on

The Olympic torch is steadily making its way towards London and businesses are eyeing up the opportunities this international event will offer up. GrowthBusiness talks to companies hoping for success during the Games, and others afraid of falling at the first hurdle.


Palm-reading ATMs

In the aftermath of the earthquake and following tsunami in Japan, many people were left with no cash cards to access funds. Now, a Japanese bank is pioneering new technology which could prevent this from happening again.


5 entrepreneurs who chanced it all but came out on top

Entrepreneurs are well known for their risk taking strategies, an important part of starting up any business. GrowthBusiness meets five business leaders to find out how taking the plunge paid off in the long run.


Big screen entertainment

Designed by the Porsche Design Studio and with a screen of 116 square feet, the C SEED 201 could be the perfect accompaniment to a summer of sport.

PR and Marketing Strategy

What to consider when choosing a domain name

GrowthBusiness looks at what to consider when choosing a domain name and how the decision can impact on web searches.

Growth Planning

Celebrating the fifth New Energy Awards

An energy efficient Britain is vital for the future and the fifth New Energy Awards celebrated those companies and individuals helping to make it possible. GrowthBusiness talks to the award winners about the challenges ahead.


Smarter delivery

With the costs associated with distribution climbing at an alarming rate, GrowthBusiness discovers some nifty ways to lessen the impact.


Working smart

Offering employees flexible working options can boost productivity and more.

Growth Planning

The 17 steps to set your business up for recovery

While times remain tough, an eventual economic upturn is inevitable, and it may come sooner than expected. GrowthBusiness finds out how you can be prepared.


Getting public sector contracts

Public sector contracts can provide a much needed boost to business development. GrowthBusiness looks at how they can be won.