Albion Ventures invests £2 million in solar panels

Albion Ventures announces a £2 million investment in domestic solar panel installer Engensa that will enable the company to provide free solar energy to homeowners in two towns in the south of England.

Engensa, led by chief executive Toby Darbyshire, will use the funds to start a programme to install solar panels on about 200 houses in the areas of Windsor and Maidenhead, according to a statement from Albion Ventures.

As part of the scheme, homeowners will have the right to use the energy generated by the panels free of charge. Engensa aims to profit from ‘feed-in tariffs’, a government scheme that pays compensation to companies and homeowners for creating ‘green electricity’.

Albion partner Michael Kaplan comments that the fundraising deal is part of the firm’s strategy to ‘grow investment in the renewable energy sector’.

Nick Britton

Nick Britton

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