11 of the best technology companies in the North-West 2014

Tech Invest Liverpool saw the brightest prospects in the North-West tech scene present for some of the best investors in the sector: Read on for profiles of the presenting companies.

What better setting to hold our maiden Tech Invest North West forum than against the backdrop of the International Festival for Business 2014 – a truly inspiring period.

Over the last six weeks the city of Liverpool has been host to a wide range of business events, drawing in people from all over the world. From chancellor George Osborne to Cobra Beer founder Lord Bilimoria, some of the most salient issues have been explored in the hope that Britain can continue in its quest to become one of the globe’s best places to start, run and exit businesses. And what great news that we will see the return of the festival in two years.

As a city, Liverpool provides a great example of the kind of enterprise growth that the UK has enjoyed during the last few years. From a city once dominated by shipbuilding and the cotton trade, Liverpool is now a hotbed of start-up activity – fuelled by a growing array of incubators, university partnerships and shared working spaces.

Through my editorship of GrowthBusiness, I come face-to-face with these kinds of business builders every day and hear of their struggles to secure the requisite funding in the short time period available to capitalise on an opportunity.

Following on from our North-West technology forum, here are the brilliant people and enterprises we saw coming together to present for us and the investors. It’s a great privilege to have been able to connect these high-potential start-ups with investors hungry to be involved in their journey and development.


Presenter’s name: Carl Bennett & David Brown

Presenter job title: CEO and National Sales Director

Based in: Altrincham, Cheshire

Founded in: 2013

No. of Employees: 11

Carl Bennett – Founder and CEO – Experienced start-up entrepreneur with 20 years experience in the Waste and Recycling industry, selling a previous waste company to a large blue chip organisation.

David Brown – Co-founder and National Sales Director – 20 years experience in sales and management – Waste, Recycling and Construction.

Recent Milestones

  • Developed and refined initial concept of the company.
  • Completed website and back end operations.
  • Secured preferred waste service providers – completed and refined all legal documentation.
  • Launched company and range of services – actively switching businesses and making our clients savings of up to 70%.

Upcoming Milestones:

  • Complete the operational and financial support to meet demand for nationwide coverage.
  • To further develop the internet opportunities and increase digital media exposure.
  • To continue taking advantage of our ‘first to market’ opportunity.
  • Implement our numerous additional revenue raising plans.

Background Profile

BeatMyWasteQuote.com is an innovative ‘business waste switching service’ that helps businesses save money on their waste disposal costs. We provide a ‘one stop shop’ to the four million waste-generating businesses in the UK and have created a unique platform that matches businesses that want to save money on their waste disposal costs with waste service providers.

Recent Technology

The waste sector has moved from traditional directory services and we recognise that both waste service providers and businesses with waste disposal needs, want efficient ways to connect – digitally. Apart from BeatMyWasteQuote.com, no other company has taken advantage of this opportunity and we have created a market with a huge growth potential.


  • AXM VC 1st round funding – December 2013
  • AXM VC 2nd round funding July 2014

Full Company address & contact details: Box Studios, 17 Boundary Street, Liverpool. L5 9UB. Contact Carl Bennett

Tel: 0845 319 2772

Email: carl@beatmywastequote.com


Presenter’s name: Stuart Logan

Presenter job title: Founder and CEO

Based in: Manchester

Founded in: 2012

No. of Employees:  13

In 2010, Stuart Logan created Amnis Technology Ltd, a tech company which has generated over 5 million downloads of their software products and £1.4 million annual revenues. Using the business and marketing experience he gained from Amnis Technology, Stuart started Clowdy Ltd and has invested over £400k into the company.

Recent Milestones:

  • Reached 50,000 users and 8000 uploads
  • Launched iOS and Android applications
  • Integrated payment and subscription system
  • Successfully tested market to prove digital marketing strate

Upcoming Milestones: (bullet points: Max 4)


  • Crowd-funding through Seedrs (now)
  • Create API for 3rd party developers
  • Grow to over 200,000 users by end of 2014
  • Secure influential content partnerships in creative industries

Background Profile

Today, digital artists are restricted to one media type per service – but they often work and collaborate across different media formats. This means they are forced to distribute on many different services. Clowdy makes digital distribution and consumption simple by letting artists upload all their media in one place.

Inside track

Clowdy founder Stuart Logan started his first company in 2010, a software development company that created simple Windows applications. He grew this from just himself to a team of 6 people, 5 million downloads and over £1.4m annual revenue.

He says the idea for Clowdy came when he found it frustrating that “audio and video was spread across different online services when it really doesn’t need to be”.

The company recently reached 50,000 signed up users, which Logan describes as “a big milestone”. It was also recently selected as the UK winners for the Creative Business Cup. This means it gets to represent the UK in the international competition later in the year.

Logan says an extra funding will be used to push on to 250,000 users and improve capabilities for both IoS and Android users.

Recent Technology

Clowdy has developed a simple digital media distribution platform that allows publishers to upload, host and sell through Clowdy and to distribute to existing third party solutions such as YouTube and Facebook. For consumers, we have iOS and Android applications that enable social interaction as well as our web interface.


  • Web distribution platform
  • iOS and Android applications for media consumption

Alliances: (bullet points)

  • Global Payments
  • Creative England – Creative Business Cup
  • Local independent record labels

Investors: (bullet points)

– Stuart Logan, in excess of £400k (founder)

– Jonathan Beddoes, £75k (non-executive director)

Full Company address & contact details

Postal address: Virginia House, 5-7 Great Ancoats Street, Manchester, M4 5AD

Tel: 0161 236 4080

Email: howdy@clowdy.com / investors@clowdy.com

Website: http://www.clowdy.com


Presenter’s name: Alex Letts

Presenter job title: CEO and founder

Based in: Sheffield

Founded in: 2013

No. of Employees: 23

Alex is a digital entrepreneur. After 4 years in advertising he set up his own technology agency, sold to Publicis in 1997. He raised $50m to build a reinsurance trading exchange which was sold to the Qataris 2010. Alex then founded Ffrees, a more relevant style of digital current account.

Recent Milestones:  

  • Ffrees started offering its range of current accounts in October 2013
  • By June 2014 it has 20,000 opened current accounts
  • £1m revenues in FY 2014
  • Current account run rate of £50m

Upcoming Milestones

  • Operational break-even early 2015 (exc. marketing costs)
  • Major contract with m-commerce provider
  • Major new product launches in Q3 & Q4

Background Profile

Ffrees is redefining the retail banking model in terms of service, innovation and profitability. It is a digitization of the current account to make money management and associated services more accessible and more useful to everyone, including less well-off people currently underserved by the UK banking system. 

Recent Technology

Ffrees released its unique HAL operating platform in June 2014, designed to lead the market in digital financial services. Combining customer management, data management and interoperability via APIs to banking infrastructure and other services, HAL allows Ffrees to challenge the banks and scale to its target of 1m customers.


Balmoral Financial Limited – Loan provider

Contis Services Limited – FCA Regulated e-money provider*

Ffrees is not required to be regulated by the FCA and as such meets EIS investment criteria




Finance Yorkshire

Technology & Innovation Fund

EIS investors

Full Company address & contact details:

Postal address: Electric Works, Sheffield Digital Campus, Sheffield, S1 2BJ

Tel: 01142866329


Website: ffrees.co.uk


Presenter’s name: Gerard Toplass

Presenter job title: Managing Director

Based in: Hull

Founded in: 2013

No. of Employees: 4

Gerard Toplass – experienced in growing/exiting education/technology businesses, chartered accountant who’s completed over 20 corporate finance transactions. An entrepreneur with experience in education/technology sectors; Gerard led the private investment for Frillo, and in December 2013 the business completed £300k of external equity investment from Finance Yorkshire’s technology startup fund.

Recent Milestones        

  • Version 1.0 of Frillo Launched 1.4.14
  • Reached 1000 customers in less than 4 months
  • National Press Coverage – The Times (Top 5 digital disruptive start-up), The Sun

Upcoming Milestones

  • Version 2.0 of Frillo 01.09.2014
  • First walk-up Public Sector webstore by 30.09.14
  • Follow on funding with EV achieved to continue plan into 2015.

Background Profile 

Frillo was established in April 2013, and traded as a ‘stationery only’ e-commerce business, until the Frillo marketplace was launched on 1st April 2014. Frillo marketplace is like “..Amazon..but for business..” we will help other small businesses flourish by bringing together products, services, savings and resources under one roof.

Inside track

Frillo supplies a wide range of IT equipment and office supplies as cheaply as possible, so business owners can put their valuable funds (and time) into growing their business.

In recent months, Frillo has added a business advice portal, the Frillo Business Hub, to its website that gives entrepreneurs access to first rate advice on matters such as starting a business, growing a business, and lots of other important information. 

The business recently joined the London Stock Exchange ELITE programme, a bespoke initiative designed to help the country’s most promising and ambitious private companies prepare themselves for the next stages of growth.

Managing director Gerald Toplass said he was “delighted” with the move.

“With an advisory and investor community of over 110, being one of a select few companies to join the ELITE programme will bring about huge opportunities for Frillo and help the company prepare and structure for future growth,” he said.

Recent Technology 

We’re very happy with the significant progress made with developing the technology on our ecommerce platform. It has enabled us to further the proposition and build our community. The immediate road map is planned and costed.


  • Office supplies
  • IT and Computing
  • Furniture & Seating
  • Flowers
  • Magazines
  • Health & Safety Equipment
  • Food, Drink and Catering
  • Savings & Services: Utilities, Insurance, Tax Allowances, Cloud Accounting
  • Content Resources: HMRC, Cyber Street, Health & Safety Executive, Corporate Social Responsibility


  • HMRC
  • Cyberstreet
  • Health and Safety Executive
  • RBS


  • Finance Yorkshire
  • Gerard Toplass
  • David Claughton

Full Company address & contact details:

Postal address: Unit 10-14 Melton Industrial Park


East Yorkshire HU14 3RS

Tel: 01482 631175

Email: will.ferguson@frillo.co.uk

Website: http://www.frillo.co.uk


Presenter’s name: Miles Woodhouse

Presenter job title: Director

Based in: Abercynon, Wales

Founded in: 2013

No. of Employees: 5

Miles Woodhouse trained as an Accountant with Arthur Andersen. Co-founded a start-up in vehicle tracking systems in 2003 which we grew to a £6.5m turnover and £1.5m profit. Sold to South African company in 2009 and worked as their European Finance Director until 2012. Now the largest shareholder and full time Director of LiveGuard Ltd.

Recent Milestones

  • Signed up our first distribution partner (June 2014)
  • Raised £75k of our current £200k funding round (June 2014)
  • Launched a beta release of our Android Home Hub to prospective partners (June 2014)
  • Finalist at the IOT conference “ones to watch 2014” (May 2014)

Upcoming Milestones

  • Launch of our Assisted Living Platform
  • Commercial launch with our first distribution partner (September)
  • Launch of a partnership at the IFA exhibition with Philips TV (TP Vision) for distribution on their circa 10 million smart TV’s
  • Launch of a partnership with one of the largest tablet manufacturers in the world

Background Profile

LiveGuard has a patented 4-in-1 Home Automation/Home security/CCTV and Assisted Living platform. Our in home ‘hub’ can run on Android and turns that device into a smart home/home security system e.g. tablets, smart TV’s, Set top Boxes, HDMI dongles. We are licencing our software to corporations who want to launch a home automation/home security/Assisted living system.

Recent Technology

We have just launched an android smart home hub.


  • Android based home hub
  • Windows based business hub
  • Connected cloud server
  • Mobile apps on Android & IOs
  • Assisted Living platform running on Android


  • We are focused on selling our product through alliances with several sectors:
  • Android Hardware manufacturers (e.g. Tablets, TV’s, Set top boxes & Gaming Consoles)
  • Alarm manufacturers (where we can upgrade an existing alarm system by adding CCTV video verification and Home Automation)
  • Internet Service Providers & IPTV Service Providers
  • Utilities
  • Retailers


  • The Directors own 87% of the company,
  • The rest owned by the University of South Wales and a number of small angel investors

Full Company address & contact details:

Postal address: Ty Menter, Navigation Park, Abercynon, CF45 4SN

Tel: 07876747859

Email: miles.woodhouse@myliveguard.com


Presenter’s name: Piers Ridyard

Presenter job title: CEO

Based in: Manchester

Founded in: 2012

No. of Employees: 9

Recent Milestones

  • Nifty MiniDrive added to the Apple EMEA and APAC stores
  • 2 new distributors signed up, bringing the total to 22, covering 55 countries
  • Won GP Bullhound Tech Stars award
  • Piers named as a Business Insider 42 under 42

Upcoming Milestones

  • New product launch scheduled for September
  • New software partnership
  • Opening of Series A round of investment

Background Profile

An exciting, young, tech driven hardware design and development company focusing on the Mac and prosumer end of the storage market. Established track record of creating and successfully launching hardware products to a global market.


  • Nifty MiniDrive (current)
  • Forthcoming (see presentation)


  • Intel
  • Marvell
  • Phison
  • Foxconn
  • Flextronics
  • Apple
  • Steam
  • ownCloud


  • Foresight Group

Full Company address & contact details: Nifty

Postal address: Tech Hub, 24 Lever Street, Manchester, M1 1DZ

Tel: +447868 759492

Email: piers@bynifty.com

OysterWorld Games

Presenter’s name: Phil Terrett and Howard Jacobson

Presenter job title: Chief Operating Officer and Head of Sales

Based in: Treforest, RCT, South Wales

Founded in: 2011

No. of Employees: 40

Phil Terrett, experienced CxO, background in telecoms (ran the team that invented the smartphone), Venture Capital (COO of Wireless VC in London), CEO and Chairman of Games companies (Cybiko, Telcogames), ran own companies for 12 years. Recently Regional Leader (Wales) for 4Networking.

Howard Jacobson, dynamic, energetic and reliable, experienced manager with entrepreneurial spirit. Specialist in sales and marketing in the UK and abroad with consultative and trustworthy approach – using skills to build a bond and rapport to close opportunities and build long term relationships. Howard has built up an industry leading company selling a million units a year – Cheetah – and subsequently sold it to a PLC.

Recent Milestones

  • Business relocated to South Wales with Welsh Government support
  • Two significant Welsh Government grants
  • Major distribution deal for Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure (HOPA) games
  • Team in Wales built from zero to 40 in 8 months

Upcoming Milestones

  • Launch of first Welsh Language HOPA games with S4C
  • Launch of next HOPA game, Frankenstein – City of Ice
  • Launch of first product in new kids Virtual World game
  • Completion of prototype for the language educational market

Background Profile

OysterWorld is an award-winning Wales based game developer and publisher of digitally delivered & online games. It is run by Directors with over 60 years joint experience in the games market and a management team with 50+ years of high tech and games experience.

The company focuses on developing its own IP and supplements this work with carefully chosen Work-for-Hire which compliments its own projects.

Recent Technology

  • The company has moved its major projects to the Unity platform to ensure that its games continue to be built to the highest standards currently available in the industry. The Unity platform allows proliferation of games content to multiple operating systems with ease.


  • Garden Party – a kids Virtual World. Version 1 had 330k users in its Beta trial and version 2 is currently being built with support from the Welsh Government
  • HOPA games. Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby – Secret Treasure currently available. Now being built in Wales with support from the Welsh Government and S4C
  • A prototype for a new language learning Virtual World, being built under a sub-contract.


  • Big Fish Games, iWin, Macgamestore for HOPA distribution
  • Welsh Government and S4C for funding
  • A US/UK consortium on the language learning prototype


  • Directors
  • MF Ltd
  • Friends and Family

Relative Insight

Presenter’s name: Ben Hookway

Presenter job title: CEO

Based in:

Founded in: 2012

No. of Employees: 6

Ben Hookway. Ben has achieved successful exits, lived and worked in Europe, the USA and Asia and participated in multiple tech sectors. He has founded, grown and managed technology based business for over 15 years.

Recent Milestones

  • Microsoft Mobile as major reference customer
  • Strategic relationship with Ogivly
  • International business with Havas and MG-OMD

Upcoming Milestones

  • US market work
  • Additional 2 strategic framework agreements
  • Worldwide brand language framework

Background Profile

We turn language into data. By using a complex data model we are experts in comparing language sets. Brands use this capability to understand how they position against competitors, and what messages and language style to use with customers.

Inside track

Relative Insight CEO Ben Hookway had already founded and managed early stage technology companies before his latest venture.

He was in San Francisco during the dot com boom, and had subsequently returned to the UK and founded a mobile phone technology company. After gaining VC funding for that and having a successful exit, he consulted with VCs and saw a lot of what works and what doesn’t. The “outstanding” technology core of Relative Insight convinced him to work with the founders.

The business’s owners are primarily language analysis experts and have previously worked in law enforcement. They soon realised could properly measure and quantify the language assets around them; social media, reviews, forums, branding. They now do this at massive scale and provide very strong insights for their clients.

Hookway says any extra funding raised would go towards increasing the R&D function and to build a larger presence in the US.

Recent Technology

Our core technology is the Interaction Analysis Engine. Base on over 10 years of R&D from Lancaster University, this platform turn text language into data and applies comparisons to the data sets. It runs as a cloud based service accessed by a dashboard and managed by Relative Insight.


  • Relative Insight


  • WPP
  • Omnicom
  • Publicis
  • Havas


  • EVGroup

Full Company address & contact details: Relative Insight

Postal address: InfoLab21, Lancaster University, Lancaster, LA1 4WA

Tel: +44 (0) 845 094 2971

Email: hello@relativeinsight.com

Website: http://relativeinsight.com


Presenter’s name: Amman Ahmed

Presenter job title: Founder

Based in: Manchester

No. of Employees: 10

Amman Ahmed built Rormix into a centralised platform for discovering music videos from unsigned artists.

Recent Milestones

  • Active users in 170 countries
  • 15,000 monthly active users
  • 1 million views a month on our gym partnership in 700 uk gyms with our own music video channel.

Upcoming Milestones

  • Allowing you to download and store the music on your phone
  • User profiles and rewarding the user
  • Building a unique advertising platform

Background Profile

Founded roundwaves.com with a £1k student loan. A business that makes music with a solution, such as sleep music, meditation, relaxation, and even music for dogs!. Now gets 2.5 million monthly views as a YouTube Network. Used to revenue from Roundwaves.com seed funded Rormix to prove the concept.

Inside track

Rormix founder Amman Ahmed first because an entrepreneur when he invested his £1,000 student loan into starting his first company roundwaves.com.

He has since formed Rormix, designed to help unsigned artists stand out on crowded video platforms. He says he is “proud” of the progress his latest venture has made since its launch in April 2014.

“We have had 100k downloads, 20k monthly Active Users and 3000+ music videos,” he explains. “We are also in 700+ gyms across the UK with our own music video channel and soon to be in 2500 gyms in the US and Canada.

“We have had a lot of press coverage and grown our team to 9 full time people thanks to VC and Angel funding.”

Ahmed hopes that further investment will allow the company to “scale the back end” and subsequently “support more videos, scale onto different platforms like Roku, Xbox, Apple Tv”.

“Most importantly It will allow us to build out unique advertising platform in which we can then get a sales team to start getting clients on board,” he added

Recent Technology

  • Scans the phone music library and facebook likes to then create a recommended feed based on the tags.
  • Discover videos based on commercial artists you like. E.g if you like Beyonce then you can search for someone similar that is unsigned to her.
  • Soon to have offline mode, so you can download the music.
  • Soon to have quick discovery which feeds you the best 10 seconds of a video allowing you to add it to your playlist or skip.
  • Soon to build a in-app native advertising platform.


  • IOS app, Android and Firefox OS


  • We are the ‘mtv’ of 700+ uk gyms with our own music video channel. Gyms include Virgin Active, Fitness First, David Lloyds, etc.


AXM, Tim Langley – CEO of Canddi, Andrew Crossland – Exited Rentalcars.com, Creative England.

Full Company address & contact details: Rormix ltd, Tie Founders Dock, Quay House, Quay Street, Manchester, M3 3JE

Tel: 07708696031

Email: amman.ahmed@rormix.com

Website: www.rormix.com


Presenter’s name: Chris Sewart

Presenter job title: CTO

Based in: Manchester

Founded in: March 2013

No. of Employees: Six

Chris combines a deep understanding of software and the people that produce and use it with valuable direct insight into sales, marketing and investment. He has used his expertise in multi-billion dollar corporations, mid-sized businesses and seed-funded start-ups to target telecoms, enterprise, SME, education and consumer markets.

Recent Milestones     

  • Wyre Council/Balfour Beatty: Successfully sold for use on a £64million politically sensitive major capital project. Five year initial contract with five year renewal options covering construction and in-life operation.
  • Hampshire Council/Balfour Beatty: Demonstrated significant financial savings on early adopter project – no construction rework and 75% time saved on paperwork costs.
  • Highways Agency/Costain: Pre-qualified for use on £175million highway project due to start Q1 2015.
  • Leading Entertainment and Leisure Plc: Operation and maintenance programme agreed. 

Upcoming Milestones

Strong sales pipeline with significant interest from:

  • large government infrastructure projects,
  • tier one contactors,
  • international construction consultancies and,
  • major transport operators.

Background Profile

From design to demolition, Sitedesk’s 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) software enables teams to modernise and automate their existing construction workflows: removing costs, saving time and improving supply and delivery chains.

We are targeting large asset owners, major contractors, consultancies and facilities management companies through a SaaS recurring-revenue sales model.

Inside track

Sitedesk was founded by Paul Grady and Danny Doohan.  From their experience of running a Civil Engineering business, they saw a lot of scope for mobile devices and 3D building models to revolutionise the way in which buildings are constructed.

Chris Sewart was brought on due to his experience of software product development and to build a product team. His background covers software projects for corporations, mid-sized businesses and seed-funded start-ups in telecoms, enterprise, SME, and consumer markets.

Sitedesk’s 3D Building Information Modelling software enables teams to modernise and automate their existing construction workflows: removing costs, saving time and improving supply and delivery chains.

Sewart says it has been hard to get new ideas adopted in the “highly structured” construction sector. However, he says that when the right people can be reached “the conversations are great and the challenge becomes one of how much we can help them with their larger goals”.

Recent Technology

  • 3D engine designed for complex building systems models able to deliver huge models on low spec PCs and tablets.
  • Simple, touch screen interface suitable for construction sites allied with a flexible platform that is easy to integrate into disparate IT environments.


Sitedesk uniquely melds modern 3D building models with existing construction workflows and practice. 

We make it simple to make money, save money and avoid losing money.

  • Reduce construction costs incurred by rework, miscommunication and delay by enabling collaboration between all members of the supply chain.
  • Reduce whole-life costs by allowing Clients and Facilities Management use the ‘as-built’ data to efficiently operate the asset.
  • Reduce risk by providing live data to measure progress and confirm quality.


Full Company address & contact details:

Postal address: Lansdowne House, Oak Green, Stanley Green Business Park, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire, SK8 6QL

Tel: 020 3308 2958

Email: chris.sewart@sitedeskconstruct.com

Website: www.sitedeskconstruct.com


Presenter’s name: Rob Moran and Andy Gough

Presenter job title: CEO and Business Development Executive

Based in: Liverpool

Founded in: 2012

No. of Employees: 3

Rob Moran is a passionate entrepreneur and innovator previously for the international DIY sector, with close ties to the music and entertainment industry.

Andy Gough has extensive experience working within the UK music industry with previous job roles ranging from marketing within labels and artist management.

Recent Milestones

  • Broadcast streams reaching 119 countries worldwide
  • 13.35% increase in website traffic per week over 8 weeks
  • 1000% increase in user interactivity over 8 weeks
  • Brand Partnerships including: Liverpool SoundCity; Baltic Creative; Crabbies

Upcoming Milestones

  • Broadcast streams reaching 125 countries by October
  • Reaching 5000 subscribers by October
  • Brand partnerships with Sub TV, Fatsoma, Liverpool Music Week
  • First outside broadcast stream of live event by October using 4G

Background Profile

Vidzta broadcast online streams of the best emerging talent live from their studio in The Baltic Triangle. Currently reaching 119 countries, Vidzta is passionate about giving unforgettable experiences, providing a platform for users to discover new talent, enjoy quality live music anywhere, meet like-minded people, and interact with the artists.

Recent Technology

  • Full integration of interactive features with established social media networks
  • Integration of 3D binaural audio in live sessions
  • Integration of audio reactive visual projections
  • Recent integration of 4G technology to enable outside broadcast of live events


  • Weekly live and interactive sessions
  • Festivals – turnkey solution to broadcast of live and interactive exclusive content for ticketholders
  • Online Magazines – Embed of live and interactive music broadcast for online publications including the magazine’s featured artists
  • Distribution licenses for created content from sessions
  • Distribution licenses for live audio from sessions


  • Licensing agreement with Sub TV – demographic: average 1.7 million 18-24 year olds
  • Media partnership with online ticketing agency, Fatsoma – 65, 000 reps, 1 million+ users
  • Close working relationship with award winning digital creative agency, PH Creative


  • Enterprise Ventures (EV Group)
  • Lennart Roth – Owner of Thaifex Food Group
  • Nigel Lockwood – Owner of Delta Adhesives

Full Company address & contact details:

Vidzta Ltd, 3rd Floor Elevator Studios, 29-31 Parliament Street, Liverpool, L8 5RN

Tel: 07787319786

Email: rob@vidzta.com

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