10 ways to achieve success regardless of gender

Gender shouldn't be a barrier to business success, says Jenny Campbell, owner and CEO of European ATM business, YourCash Europe|Gender shouldn't be a barrier to business success, says Jenny Campbell, owner and CEO of European ATM business, YourCash Europe

Gender shouldn’t be a barrier to business success, says Jenny Campbell, owner and CEO of European ATM business, YourCash Europe

From the outset of my career, I faced systemic biases, including being given a ‘Band B’ ranking at the bank rather than a ‘Band A’ due to the assumption I would leave to have children. I challenged this and won at the time, but I’ve continued to challenge every instance where there’s been a similar bias that could potentially hold me back.

Having left school at sixteen to pursue a thirty year banking career, I am now the only female CEO in the ATM industry, and whilst part of this is due to tenacity, much of it is also due to believing in my team and myself. My company, the pan-European ATM specialist, YourCash, now operates over 5,000 machines and has a turnover of £30 million a year, making us one of the most successful ATM businesses in Europe.

With this in mind, this is how I believe you can seize your passion and achieve success regardless of your gender.

1. Invest in learning

I wanted to be a qualified banker in my early 20s so studied at night school for five years. By 23 I had achieved my goal. Even today, I set mini-goals and seek continuous training to reach them. You can always learn more and you can always find new ways to improve your knowledge and skills.

2. Take risks, be bold

Taking risks can be scary but it’s vital to push yourself to new heights and to find what really inspires you. One small step away from your comfort zone is one step towards a new you.

3. Be open to experience

They say that openness to experience is one of the big five personality traits, I believe it’s a necessity to success. Following your dream will open you up to new experiences and opportunities, but if you’re not willing to embrace them then you will not be able to fulfill your goals.

4. Know yourself

As a woman, people will underestimate you. They will assume things about you. They will expect you to act a certain way or to follow a certain set of rules. Do not let their expectations pigeonhole you. You can be whoever you want to be and should aim to be the best version of you, no one else.

5. Redefine your idea of strength

Knowing where your strengths lie is advantageous. Knowing how to ask for help and advice from others is even more so. Strength in business is often equated with a lack of emotion, complete certainty, never admitting to a problem, dealing with issues alone. This is not true and it is not good for you or your company. Strength is about understanding your weaknesses.

6. Embrace your people

I am incredibly lucky to work with some of the best people I know. Our management team challenges and supports each other every day. Make sure you have the right people around you. People who inspire you, are different to you and offer an additional talent. People who bring the sparkle to your business and make it unique.

7. Listen

Don’t just talk to people. One of the best ways to find out what your team, your customer or even your competitor, wants is to listen to them. You’ll be amazed at how this benefits you as a woman in business. People will remember you as the person who heard what they said, and they will respect you even more if you can action it.

8. Find your inspiration

I look to other women in business for inspiration like Lady Michelle Mone, co-owner of Ultimo Brands International, Dr. Sharon Redrobe, CEO of Twycross Zoo and, the late, great, Dame Zaha Hadid. These women challenged the establishment with bold moves, standing strong and added value to their industries. They inspire me to be the best I can be. Find the people and the ideas that inspire you to help drive you forward.

9. Keep on keeping on

There are always new challenges. There are always new things to learn. There are always new goals to reach and new expectations to meet. So keep on keeping on; don’t be put off by the next hurdle, see it as an opportunity. Always aspire to be the best you can be.

10. Allow yourself to indulge

Juggling a career and family life can be hugely demanding so you must always ensure that you give yourself time to indulge and find your headspace after busy periods. Make sure that you allow yourself the time for what makes you happy and alive.

Jenny Campbell is the owner and CEO of European ATM business, YourCash Europe Ltd. YourCash has 5000 ATMs across the UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland.

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda Nair

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