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International Women’s Day: Fearless Adventures invests in women

By signing up for the Fund Her North campaign, joining the Investing in Women Code and funding WalkSafe, Fearless Adventures is investing in women

Alternative Finance for Business

Where female entrepreneurs can get a business loan

One of the greatest challenges for female entrepreneurs is securing finance. Boost your company's growth with these business loans


Isabel Dos Santos shares how entrepreneurship empowers people

Angolan businesswoman Isabel Dos Santos on how social consciousness goes hand-in-hand with economic growth


How can businesses diversify the boardroom?

Here, Geeta Sidhu-Robb, founder and CEO of Nosh Detox analyses what could be done to achieve a more diverse boardroom in the UK.


Female CEOs get under 10 per cent of VC funding

The data shows the gender funding gap has not narrowed significantly for five years.


Is raising investment harder for female entrepreneurs?

Raising investment may be one of the hardest things for any entrepreneur, but research reveals it may be harder for female founders. Here's why.


Inspiring professional women in male dominated industries

From poker champions to race-car drivers, these three professional women serve as inspiration for women to break through the glass ceiling in male dominated fields.


Redefining what it means to ‘entrepreneur like a girl’

“Why can’t run like a girl also mean to win the race?” How about also re-defining what it means to entrepreneur like a girl? Seedrs' Karen Kerrigan writes.

Alternative Finance for Business

Is sexism the only thing holding female-led businesses back?

Men may secure far more venture capital funding than women to the tune of 12 to 1. But female-led businesses outperform others in raising capital through crowdfunding. Could this be the answer to getting more women into entrepreneurship?

Human Resources

US election a “wake-up call” for women’s equality

Tomorrow marks Equal Pay Day in the UK, which, according to the Fawcett Society, is the date on which women stop earning in comparison to their male counterparts. With Trump at the helm of the United States, is equality for women just a pipe dream?

Human Resources

6 ways to counter a condescending boss

Close to half of all working women in Britain face this form of sexism. Here are six ways to deal with a patronising boss.

Venture Capital Funding

How women can break out of the gender box when raising funds

Estelle Lloyd, co-founder of a crowdfunded business, outlines how women in business need to break out of being pigeonholed.