Book review – The Balancing Act: Work-life solutions for busy people

The Balancing Act: Work-life solutions for busy people, by Fiona Parashar - reviewed by Kerry Glazer, chief executive, AAR Group.

As a full-time working single mum, trying to find some kind of half-decent balance between my working life, my family and (way down on the list of priorities) some personal time for me, is a constant and frustrating challenge.

I was drawn to Fiona Parashar’s book and I found some excellent advice. In addition to her empathy with, and understanding of, my own work-life balance crises, this book shows you how to identify what’s causing your work-life imbalance and redress it in practical, easy-to-achieve steps.

The useful summaries at the end of each chapter and the simple, practical written exercises make for a surprisingly effective coaching session. The great truism demonstrated by this book is that achieving work-life balance is all about the personal choices that we make. It is so easy to lose sight of the fact that we do have choices and we often opt to run our lives in such a way that we become tired and stressed.

If you are over-worked, harassed, and in dire need of a good slap of common sense advice on what to do about it, this book is for you.

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Marc Barber

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