Three easy ways to optimise business travel

Travelling for business often involves some wasted time. Here, we give you three travel strategies for making the most of these trips.

One of the most important adages of the business world is that time is money. Even so, wasting the periods spent travelling long distances for business meetings with unproductive activities is all too common.

Tempting though it may be to surf social media or watch a funny film while flying to a business meeting abroad, the best course of action for your company is to make good use of the time you spend getting there.

Read on for three simple methods with which you can optimise business travel.

Take a Business Jet

Though this strategy comes with a price tag, it is well worth the investment. The time savings begin in the booking process.

Chartering a private business jet through a service like JetApp allows you to combine your flight booking with hotel, restaurant, and transfer service reservations for your destination, meaning you can take care of all the logistics at once.

These charter services also let you craft a flight plan that best fits your schedule, so that you avoid spending time waiting in ticket queues or overcrowded waiting rooms at the airport.

Once on board, you will have all the comforts of flying business class without the experience of having to share the space with strangers. You (and your colleagues, if they are coming along) will have the private space you need to complete the necessary preparation for your business trip.

Stay Organised with an App

As for the assignments you will be completing while travelling, prioritising organisation is the key to meeting work goals. Resisting the siren call of various time-wasters is itself a formidable task. The best way to combat this is to keep yourself on track with a time-management app.

Timely, for example, makes it possible for you to easily record the time it takes you to complete tasks and schedule them accordingly, on your own and as a team.

This means that if you have booked a two-hour flight, you know exactly which tasks you and your colleagues can complete while in the air.

Even if your flight includes unforeseen circumstances, such as temporary turbulence that makes it impossible to type, you can note this on Timely and factor the eventuality into your plans for the next flight.

Recharge with a Nap

If you find yourself reaching the limits of your productivity, the best course of action is to sleep. Being well rested is hugely advantageous to both your health and the success of your company. Among other factors, sleep enhances your ability to concentrate, lifts your mood, and improves productivity in the long run.

In other words, once you have taken care of the flight logistics, created a work space on-the-go, and kept your assignments in check, it is acceptable to use some of your time to alleviate any fatigue you may be feeling by allowing yourself rest.

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Owen Gough

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