Ten Alps makes its mark

A combination of great production skills and creative excellence are driving television production company Ten Alps Communications ever further forward, according to chief executive Alex Connock.

‘You don’t need to own great technology in the digital age, what you need is great content. And what we are proving is that we have the right production skills and the right contacts to make great high-end programmes.’ So speaks Alex Connock, chief executive of television production house Ten Alps, one of the fastest-growing media firms in the UK.

In the six months to September, Connock’s company – with both Bob Geldof and broadcaster Brian Walden on the board – nearly doubled turnover to £22 million and hoisted profits almost sevenfold to £1.79 million.

‘For us, this is a really exciting space to be in at the minute,’ enthuses Connock. ‘It’s a consolidating industry and of the four major players, three have completed acquisitions recently. There are deals to be done and contracts to be won.’

Ten Alps has a strong reputation in the factual documentary market and is winning business in the UK from the likes of the BBC and Channel Four (a project on the 9/11 outrage for the former and a historical programme on Goering for the latter), as well as Sky, Bravo and PBS in the US. The radio arm is seeing a substantial increase in business while its Government-backed Teachers TV Channel, has met with a high approval rating from both Whitehall and the teaching community.

‘We have not always been given the recognition we deserve, but we have produced consistent growth over the past five years,’ boasts Connock.

Leslie Copeland

Leslie Copeland

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