This new recruitment platform helps businesses hire for culture fit

Talent acquisition platform Talent Deck launches its technology into the UK recruitment sector that instantly matches tech talent with companies that share the same values and motivations.

Research has shown time and again that the main reason for high employee turnover is a culture mismatch.

According to a study carried out by Sapio Research found that over half of UK tech developers have left a company because they did not like the company culture.

London-based recruitment tech firm, Talent Deck has launched a new ‘Career DNA’ profile to tackle this issue head on.

In a bid to shift the lack of focus on culture, the new technology allows candidates and tech companies to find a better match culturally to improve the chances of success in the recruitment process.

Talent Deck was founded by friends Carl Sautereau and Jason Ali, realising the UK recruitment sector’s lack of focus on matching tech candidates and tech companies based on values and culture.

“We spend most of our waking moments in life at work, so the atmosphere, culture and environment should be compatible with our personality to make sure we fit in and are more productive,” said co-founder and chief product officer, Jason Ali.

Talent Deck removes the need for recruiters, allowing candidates to simply fill in their details online – or autofill their skills from LinkedIn – before Talent Deck’s algorithm uses this information and the personality match data from the Career DNA profile to match them with appropriate companies.

“Finding meaningful jobs or talented people can be time-consuming as well as expensive and stressful for both sides, but it really doesn’t need to be like that,” Carl Sautereau, co-founder and chief operating officer, added. “The ultimate aim of Talent Deck is to match technology talent to organisations that share the same values and provide an opportunity for them to thrive at a business which shares their key motivations.

Bypassing the need for recruiters can remove “subjective bias” that Sautereau and Ali believe currently exists in recruitment. Recruiters can dismiss good candidates based on personal opinions, which may not have much bearing on the true potential of candidates. This bias also narrows and blands the talent pool of candidates that eventually get to the interview process.

Sautereau and Ali believe that their new platform will undoubtedly cause some upset amongst recruitment agencies.

“It’s impossible to get a feel for a company based on a job description and similarly it’s impossible to understand a candidate’s personality and motivations from a CV,” added Ali. “Our career DNA profile goes beyond this and matches candidates and companies not only based on skills, but what they expect culturally.”

“Whether it’s a candidate looking for a flexible work culture or a business looking for talent with strong leadership characteristics, our unique platform ensures each side is paired with a ‘best match’ while removing the subjective bias that often occurs when a recruiter is involved in the process.”

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda was Editor for from 2016 to 2018.

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