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5 essentials for expansion into the US

America is still the world’s largest single and richest market. But some of Britain’s biggest brands have crashed and burned trying to expand into the US. Matthew Lee Sawyer explains how to avoid their mistakes


Why it’s a good time to invest in UK start-ups if you’re a dollar investor

A weak pound, more realistic valuations, and US tech companies hungry to buy into British rivals, means there’s never been a better time to invest in UK start-ups, says Nick Hill of QVentures

Growth Planning

5 things European founders need to know about breaking America

Will Capper of DirectlyApply shares 5 tips start-up founders should know about breaking into the US market.

Growth Planning

Brits vs Americans: The transatlantic divide in work culture and earning potential

A new infographic reveals the similarities and differences between the UK and the USA in terms of work culture and earning potential.

Growth Planning

USA now prime location for UK retailers

Over half of UK retailers consider the US to be the most significant overseas e-commerce market, according to new research. But are these businesses prepared?


Why Britain’s best start-ups love America

The United States offers British start-ups over 300 million sophisticated consumers, roughly 500 "active" venture capital firms, and the opportunity to be a charming British import.


US needs to refocus labour market

Yael Selfin, macroeconomist at PwC, discusses the current state of the US economy and the government's efforts to cut the deficit.

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Interview with Gerry Gordon of the Touchdown programme, helping UK firms expand into the US

Gerry Gordon is president of the Economic Development Authority in Fairfax County. It works together with UK Trade and Investment on the Touchdown programme, which helps UK firms to expand into the US.