Proud of British ‘can do’

The market remains a bit like the weather - gloriously sunny one day then ice cold the next.


What foreign business leaders say about the UK

If you listen to what foreign business leaders say about the UK, you might be in for a shock.

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Choosing a business base in the UK

GrowthBusiness and SmallBusiness have produced a series of reports on doing business in different regions of the UK.

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The enterprising county of Yorkshire

The gutsy get-up-and-go spirit of Yorkshire and the Humber is helping to see the region through recessionary gloom. GB reports on the attractions of the area for the growing business.

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Yorkshire calling

M&A's Morag Dickson discovers why UK dealmakers are heading north.

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UK business expansion hotspot locations

Some areas of the UK are bending over backwards to encourage business growth, be it relocation or expansion. GrowthBusiness investigates ten hotspots your company should consider.