Venture Capital Funding

SoftBank to launch second Vision Fund for late-stage startups

Japanese investment bank poised to reap benefits of early investments in Uber, WeWork and Slack as they go public


One year in the job: Can Dara Khosrowshahi save Uber?

Uber's CEO is under pressure to get sales growing and redeem its reputation.


An Uber move into cycling could spark a sell-off

Confidence in the UK new bicycle sector is low as Brexit and new tech encroaches on retailers.


Is Uber’s ‘surge’ pricing genuine? Study says drivers may be gaming the system

Research from Warwick Business School reveals that Uber drivers may be gaming the system and even going offline en masse to force ‘surge’ pricing, a problem that stems from lack of transparency and human connection at Uber.


Digital care start-up Cera strikes deal with Uber and NHS

Digital care start-up, Cera, has announced its plans to work with on-demand ride service Uber, and the NHS to bring independence and mobility to seniors in UK.